Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Adam did a smash up job of making me feel like a queen on Mother's Day. I've asked him every year to make it a tradition to do a mother-daughter photo shoot on Mother's Day. I'm almost always behind the camera, so I want to make sure there are some pictures of me for the future. He did a wonderful job of capturing the Mother's Day festivities this year. He's done a great job every year. My first Mother's Day can be seen here. My morning started off with breakfast in bed. Later in the morning, Adam and Kenly surprised me with several flats of flowers. They unloaded them while I was in the shower. Kenly was supposed to keep the secret, but she said, "Mama, come see your flowers." We spent most of the morning planting flowers. It was heavenly. We also planted a few seed kits that Kenly got for Christmas.

Kenly is showing off her seeds in these pictures.

Aren't my flowers wonderful?

I love this picture. I want to frame it and keep if forever.
I'm not a true gardener, but I love to play in the dirt once in awhile. The past two years I've gotten flowers for Mother's Day. The gift keeps giving. Every time I look outside, I am reminded of my special day.

Watering flowers is a really hard job.
I like that it looks like Adam is spying on us in this picture.
Dirty hands are a sure sign of a good time.
While planting flowers, this yellow jacket decided to sting me. It was not nice. But, I fared better than Kenly did. On July 19th, she stepped on a yellow jacket nest in the backyard. Before we realized what had happened, she had been stung eight time. I was terrified. She was hysterical. A baking soda paste, some benadryl, a bit of ibuprofen, and a fudgesicle seemed to ease the pain.However, the mere sound of buzzing sends her into hysterics now. I can hardly blame her, but I don't want my outdoorsy girl to live in fear. Poor Chance didn't fare too well either. We were thankful he was close by to take some of the heat for his little sister.
One of our Mother's Day traditions is to take a picnic to a pull off on the way to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Davidson River babbles close by. We eat our fill of Hawg Wild barbecue.
Kenly gets one cool party trick from me...the (genetic) ability to roll her tongue.
I'm salivating just looking at the pictures, but that could be the pregnancy talking.

We always throw rocks into the river. I love this picture.
Even though he doesn't show up in all the pictures, our furry child is always close.
Adam, Kenly, Chance, and the child growing within me are my life. I love them with such a fierce love that I'm sometimes overwhelmed by the power of it all. I'm blessed to be a mama. It's the greatest title I've ever held.

When we got home from out outing, Kenly had a fever. Turns out she had been sick most of the day. Poor girl. When she's sick, she need her mama. It was nice to be needed on Mother's Day. I was able to rock her to sleep and snuggle her most of the next day.

Adam also got me Tetris Party for the Wii. We've spent many contented hours trying to destroy each other while playing. It's a gift of quality time. We talk trash and laugh while remembering out dating days. The beautiful part of this day is that I'm reminded that I married a man who doesn't wait until Mother's Day to remind me I'm doing a good job with our children. He's always grateful for what I do, and I'm thankful he can express his gratitude throughout the year.

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