Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day to Remember

Before I can begin to tell you about my epic mother's day, I need to first tell you what a whiny, utterly miserable human being I was all last week. I was surly with a capital S. I bemoaned my lack of free time even though I know Adam is happy to provide if I will just ask. I couldn't find anything wonderful. I was not a fun human being to be around unless you like a complainer.

Adam called me on his way home from work on Friday. I asked what he wanted for dinner. He said, "I'm boss for this weekend. You must do what I say. You can't complain about it either." (Hum...wonder why he added that little addendum?) He then proceeded to tell me to get in the shower. When he arrived, he said I could eat now or at 7:30. Because I was hungry, I picked now. He pulled out a rotisserie chicken and a fruit salad. We ate dinner on the back porch. When I was done, he handed me some money and sent me packing to TV Nails. I was to get a pedicure and a manicure while reading a People magazine, that he provided, cover to cover. I enjoyed being pampered. My fingernails are now a pale pink, and my toes are painted Bodacious Blackberry.

When I got home, Adam gave me another choice--vodka tonic or ice cream. I picked ice cream. He lead me to the computer and we watched Paper Heart, a chick-flick I've been wanting to see. After the movie, we went to sleep.

When our songbird woke up up with her lilting rendition of "The Wheel on the Bus," we both got up to start the day. Adam made me a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fruit salad. After breakfast, he went searching for bacon in the basement freezer. Since we were out, he asked me to help him find the breakfast sausage. I walked down the basement stairs to find him standing beside flats and flats of flowers. He bought me begonias, impatients, vinca, and new guinea impatients...he had already bought me some beautiful flowers earlier in the week. My husband gave me a choice--play in the dirt alone or with him and Kenly. I picked with company. He sent me off to get potting soil, and I spent the morning digging in the dirt. I now have four hanging baskets and four rectangular planters full of bedding flowers. I also have three beautiful flowers planted in the ground. Adam hurried me inside about 11:30 to get cleaned up for pictures in the park. He packed a lunch while I got cleaned up. We headed toward Patton Park and when I started to take the short cut, Adam told me he needed a Gatorade from Rite Aid. Just as we were passing Friends day spa, he told me to turn left. He again handed me money and sent me to get an hour long massage. I was shocked. My masseuse never showed, so I got to go to the park after all. So, I now have massage money waiting on me. I just have to make the appointment. After the park, we put Kenly down for a nap and took some time to enjoy each other. When she started waking up, Adam handed me $20.00 and sent me to Barnes and Noble for some down time and a book. I walked around the store and picked up any book that caught my eye. I sampled music and laughed at children's books. I finally made the decision to take Maya Angelou's Letter to My Daughter home with me. I love Maya Angelou, and I can't wait to dive into her wise words. I met Adam and Kenly at home just in time to get ready for a family Chick-fil-A date. After eating, we headed to Grace because Adam's photo got selected for the competition. He submitted a picture he took last mother's day. He didn't win anything, but his photo will hang in the gallery from now until June 8th. I'm so proud of him. When we got home from the gallery "opening," we put Kenly to bed and watched three episodes of season 2 of The Shield.

Sunday morning brought me another breakfast and some extra time in bed. After breakfast Adam built a three room fort. We played in the fort as a family--even Chance got involved. For lunch, Adam took me to the Davidson River for a picnic--just like last year. We had hushpuppies, french fries, and BBQ sandwiches. We took some more pictures and threw a million rocks. Mother's Day ended with a 3.5 hour nap, enjoyed my every living soul in the Brand household.

In addition to being spoiled by my husband, I also got spoiled by my family. Mama and Daddy got me Bringing Up Girls and Pops sent me a a little something something to treat myself with.

Am I rotten or what?

Kenly turned 21 months on Mother's Day. I am still in awe as to how one little human changed my life in so many ways. My love for her grows by leaps and bounds every day. I'm learning to appreciate Adam more than I ever did before she came along. I now see the world through the eyes of a mother. I couldn't ask for a better gift. I haven't detailed Kenly's likes and dislikes recently, so here we go.

Kenly loves..... eat fruit of any kind. Dried cherries are a recent favorite. say, "Get ready. Here we go." or "Watch me." do everything herself. go on adventures. play "games" on the computer. We watch shorts on Sesame bump on the 'chute at Toddler Fun. watch Toddler Tunes so that mommy can take a shower. snuggle mommy and daddy. play on the playground.
...peanut butter.

Kenly dislikes...

...being told no.
...sharing her crayons with mommy/daddy.
...riding in the grocery cart. She wants to push.
...going down the slide alone.
...being kept from any body of water.

She is a joy. I am so blessed to be her mama.

Glimpses of My Most Marvelous Mother's Day

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