Saturday, July 30, 2011


Before I was a SAHM, I was a 9th grade English teacher at West Henderson High School. (Please don't judge my writing from this point forward. This blog is like my baby book, a personal journal. I do edit, but I'm more interested in getting it down than getting it right.) I was invited to the prom this year because I taught this year's seniors when they were freshmen. Next year when I walk in West, only the faculty will know me. Kenly and I decided to make a date night out of it. These pictures aren't great, but they are good memory shots.

First, we decided to get all dolled up. Nana and Papa gave Kenly some make-up for Christmas. When she puts it on, it is completely sheer. I can't tell she's done anything different, so I turned her loose to put on her makeup.

She got dressed up in the twirly pink dress that Mops bought her.
Just after this picture, she wiped out and scraped her knee on the stump. We need to get patched up with a band aid so we could continue with our plans.
This smile is post prom. We arrived right as prom started. None of the students were dancing yet, but Kenly and I wore out the dance floor. The DJ had lights spinning on the dance floor, and Kenly really loved dancing on the lights.
She loved seeing all the girls dressed up. She really enjoyed eating chocolate covered strawberries and cookies at the prom. It's a good thing her Daddy's a teacher too. She'll have more prom dates than any one girl should have.

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Anonymous said...

Where are the Mommy prom pics? I want to see you dressed up too!! ~LAP~