Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Tonight Adam and I were sitting around talking since we've been apart since Friday. Kenly was entertaining us with her comments and dance moves. I tried a new dress on her, and it triggered her need to be naked. The child loves to run around in her birthday suit. The scene opens with Kenly wearing nothing but a headband and some pink Hello Kitty socks. Here's how it all went down...

Me: Kenly, you have to wear something besides your socks and a headband. You're Hello Kitty socks look really funny when you're naked.

(Kenly disappear in the general directions of her room. We hear rustling that prompts investigation.)

Me: Kenly, what are you doing?

Kenly: I'm getting my woolly socks.

Me: Why?

Kenly: (she's struggling to put on a pair of wools socks) You said the Hello Kitty socks looked funny, so I'm putting on my woolly socks.

Adam and I are both rolling in laughter by this point. Our child is so logical. I said the socks looked funny, so surely another pair of socks will look better.
Needless to say, Kenly finally put on a pair of underwear and we got so see her rock out to The Wheels on the Bus wearing nothing but wool socks, cherry underwear, and a frilly headband.


Tiff said...

She is a hoot! I enjoy reading her stories. Here is a friend of mine and her 4-year old. I think you'll like this.


Elle Belles Bows said...

Way too funny! Pretty, smart, and funny! She can rule the world!! Thanks for sharing! Made me smile!!