Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spring Break--Davidson River Campground (April 2011)

Have I mentioned that I'm so behind in blogging?
Back in April we took a trip to Davidson River Campground during Adam's spring break. We didn't stay the whole week, but we did spend Monday to Thursday enjoying the great outdoors. We managed to find a campsite with electricity, so we had AC for the heat of the day and heat for the cool of the night.

Kenly loves camping. Camping means juice boxes, fires, and smores. It also means getting filthy and playing with sticks, stones, and critters.

Kenly loved trying to climb this tree on our campsite. She never gave up, but I think we need to have a lesson on the right kind of trees to climb.
Camping hair is the best--windblown, matted, and full of all things outdoors.
While we were camping, a tree removal company took down several dead hemlocks close to our site. It was free entertainment. I love my man too...not only did he cook, but he did the dishes.
Kenly did a bit of fishing. She never caught a fish on this trip, but she sure enjoyed reeling in the line.
When fishing got boring, she found making mud pies to be thrilling entertainment.

Nothing beats waffles by the fire with Daddy.
Chance was never far from the action. After Kenly snuggled Adam, he got jealous and hopped up into his lap for some special love.
While I was taking pictures of Chance, Kenly started begging to have her picture taken. She's such a ham sometimes.

Camping did come with a few meltdowns. Sharing a bed with Kenly while camping ensured that no one got a great night's sleep. Tired toddler equals a few tantrums.

My love doing dishes again.
Kenly and Adam made sure our camping pad was the most beautiful in the loop.

We also spent a bit of time hanging out in the hammock. Kenly spent the most time swinging, but we all had our turn.

Kenly loved "working on" the pop-up while sitting on her potty chair.
Our friends Meghan and Ava came to visit us one day while Adam was fishing. Ava and Kenly enjoyed swinging and singing in the hammock.

Swinging makes Ava sleepy.

I could just eat her up.
Kenly befriended several caterpillars during our trip. I'm happy to report that she didn't squish a single one.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole camping trip. Dirty fingernails and God's creatures capture camping perfectly.

We had fresh flowers at the breakfast table every morning. We even brought a few home on Thursday when we left.
Kenly looked so big while sleeping in the pop-up. The binky still makes her look babyish, but she looked so grown.

Camping with our family is amazing. We are all forced to slow down, disconnect, and enjoy a much slower pace with fewer distractions (unless you count squirrels or blue jays).

One funny story to wrap up the trip. Kenly is now completely potty trained; she has been for awhile. When we hike in the woods, we allow Kenly to "jungle squat"so that she doesn't have an accident. So, while we were taking down the pop-up, I catch a glimpse of Kenly's bare butt shining in the corner of our campsite. She has taken it upon herself to drop her pants and relive herself while we are occupied. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, "I had to go potty, so I did it in the woods."

The other day she tried to drop her pants at the park, so we had to have a long conversation about where peeing in the woods is appropriate.

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Brittany Nicole said...

Love these! I found myself smiling through the whole post! You take the best pictures and it looks like you all have so much fun together!