Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Growing Pains

All weekend I felt a bit crampy in my lower abdomen. I didn't worry much about it because pregnancy comes with aches and pains. Ligaments stretch and digestion slows and there's not much I can do about it for 9 months. I had some digestions issues and some bloating, but over all I felt good. I woke up this morning to more powerful cramps and dismissed them. While talking to my friend Leanne, she made me promise to call the doctor.

This morning they made me come to the office for a urinalysis. The nurse suspected a bladder infection because of my back and abdomen pain. Since I'm pregnant, I had to see the doctor while I was there. The urinalysis only revealed slight dehydration, and I can account for that. Who wants to drink tons when your bladder feels the size of a dime? Dr. Wright came into the room and talked over my symptoms with me. I wasn't nervous. I just wanted to know what I could do to get some relief. Can I just say how much I love Dr. Wright? If Dr. Simmons ever leaves the practice, he will be my man. This is huge. I swore I'd never have a male OB/GYN on the grounds that men don't have vagina and other girl plumbing, so they can't possibly understand. Dr. Wright is sensitive and kind. He never makes me feel like a raving lunatic for asking questions. He listed for the baby's heartbeat, and the "whatiz,"as he called the baby, sounded just fine. He checked my cervix as well, and everything was as it should be.

He basically said I'm 35 and pregnant with my second child. He said Kenly is to blame for all the stretching she did originally the first go round. He also said that pregnancy can be more painful if the child I am carrying is not genetically similar to me. In other words, this kid might not look anything like me. Shoot...it could be a boy.

His suggestions for pain management--Tylenol, heating pad, and rest. Two of the three are easy to accomplish. He suggested I sleep or at least rest while Kenly is napping on a daily basis. I guess that means my house will look like a hell-hole for awhile longer.

He also encouraged us not to find out the baby's gender. I told him that Kenly is set on a girl, and he said, "Well, she might learn a valuable life lesson. We don't always get what we hope for." I'm beginning to think he is right.

So, I'm fine. A bit discouraged, but not miserable. I just know I have a long road. The moodiness and general fatigue of this pregnancy are so much worse. The prize in the end is worth the up hill climb. I was relieved to hear that sweet heartbeat today. I would have given anything to have Kenly's face on video when she hear it too. We're all in for some growing pains, but we are tough, and we'll face them together.


Tiff said...

Dr. Wright is awesome! He has been my doc since I moved here 9 years ago. While you sit in that lobby and get into your appointment an hour after scheduled, you don't care because he takes his time.
I like how he puts stuff in perspective for you.
Sorry to hear you are uncomfortable. I'm so excited for your growing family! :)

Elle Belles Bows said...

I am just getting caught up on the blogging world! I have been a bit of a blog slacker, but not for the joyous or wonderful news that you have (I have just been a bit lazy for no apparent reason).

CONGRATS! I am so happy for you guys!! I know you are going through a lot right now with chasing a toddler too, but forget about the house cleaning! Get your rest and try not to worry!

Kenly will be a super big sister!

Take care and have a great weekend!

PS- Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Every so often I step out from behind the camera!