Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rewind to 2010

The last few months of 2010 went by at a break-neck pace, so I'm really behind on blogging. My new photo editing software really slows down my blogging because I want to make good pictures great and okay pictures good. I really need to get that perfectionist streak under control. So rewind with me...to Thanksgiving.

We always make ambrosia for Thanksgiving. The sweet yummy goodness of pineapple, oranges, bananas, and maraschino cherries is too good to resist. My Nannie could peel the oranges in one long cut without ever breaking the peel. Adam channels Nannie every time we make ambrosia now.

Kenly and I learned to make dressing this year. We used some of Papa's world famous cornbread and Nana's secret recipe. The secret ingredient was the "sugar" off of Kenly's hands as she mixed it all together.
The weather was beautiful, so we had our dinner outside on the screened porch. It was delightful to spend the day with my family all around me.
Kenly got tuckered out cooking and eating.
After nap time, we all loaded up and headed to Lights of the South to see Santa and to enjoy some beautiful Christmas lights. Kenly waited in line like a champ. Last year she screamed bloody murder, so I wasn't holding my breath. She ran and hugged Santa like she hugs me. Complete trust and wild abandon.
We had a family picture taken in the princess carriage. I checked out our family picture from last time, and it is hard to believe how much my baby looks like a girl now.
Grandma was with us this year, so we were able to get a shot of four generations of women. We are all princesses.

Here are a few more shots of Kenly with Santa. This is her initial hug. Can't you just see the excitement?
She's laughing here. The professional shot I bought captures this perfectly.
She's hugging Santa goodbye here. She told him she wanted a microwave. When Adam asked her if she remembered to mention a princess umbrella, she nearly panicked and tried to run back to him. Adam calmed her fears when he told her we could write a letter. This year Kenly received a letter and a video email from Santa. She was over the moon.
At Lights of the South, we rode a tractor through acres and acres of Christmas lights. Who is more excited--Nana or Kenly? Papa bought her the cool snowman necklace to wear during the event.

There is a playhouse with slides and secret corridors. Aunt Carrie took her exploring inside the playhouse.

She also braved a train ride all by herself. She did great by herself the first time. Adam and I were running along side the train to keep her company. When she rode again, we let her go alone. She got upset and Papa came to her rescue by holding her hand through the window until the train pulled into the station. Papa the hero.

We took a trip to Uncle Travis and Aunt Carrie's land to see where their barn/apartment will soon be. Kenly loved running around the rooms. Aunt Carrie is showing Kenly where the loft will be.
Travis is visually walking Nana through the house too.
Kenly felt like the queen of all things on top of big sand piles. She kept screaming, "Look at me. I'm tall."
She jumped to Papa off the sand pile.
Grandma collected some nuts from one of the trees on the property.
Kenly enjoyed feeding the fish in the pond.
She took a break to give her Daddy a kiss on the nose.
We rode to the top of the property in Travis's truck. Kenly found the experience to be exhilarating.
While Adam and I shot a handgun or two, Kenly spent time picking up rocks and swinging on gate that locks off the property. Dirty hands are a sign of a great time.
Trying on a few of Papa's handguns on for size.
After the property visit, we headed to the barn to see Zsa Zsa again.
As we walked out into the field to get Zsa Zsa we were able to meet a few more horses.
Aunt Carrie let Kenly brush/comb Zsa Zsa.
She even let Kenly help clean out Zsa Zsa's hooves.
Kenly finally got to ride Zsa Zsa. This time I was a responsible mother, and I made Kenly wear a helmet.
We couldn't get into the storage area to get a saddle, so Kenly rode with Aunt Carrie and by herself with close supervision.

I think she likes it. If Mops and Pops have anything to do with it, I see a horse/pony in her future.

Later that evening we put up the Christmas tree. The men put the tree together and made sure the lights were functional. After they finished, they settled in to watch the Georgia game.
Kenly got to decorate a few cupcakes with sprinkles.
I think she spent a little time decorating her face with frosting and sprinkles too.
I think Papa's waiting to kiss some of the deliciousness off.

Enjoying her masterpiece.
She made Uncle Travis hang her upside down a million times.
She decorated the tree with all the ladies.
She also had a blast playing Ah-boo with Grandma.
I don't know who giggled more--Grandma or Kenly?
Thanksgiving was a wonderful time with family. I am thankful.


Elle Belles Bows said...

Love all the pics! Such family fun! Kenley looks so proud on Santa's lap! Very cute! Happy New Year! Kerri

Leigh Ann said...

The pics make me miss your family. You all rock--love you! I'm glad you were blessed with a wonderful holiday season. I love the photos! Kenly is so precious and growing up way too quickly!

Brittany Nicole said...

The Santa pictures are adorable..not a bad one in the bunch! She's so photogenic!

Also LOVE the first cupcake picture of her tasting the sprinkles! So precious!