Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Naughty List?

Does pitching a dying duck fit while sitting on Santa's lap get you on the naughty list?Apparently not because Kenly racked up this Christmas. We waited in line for 2.5 hours at the Augusta Mall to see Santa. We were next in line when Santa decided he needed a break. Kenly was ready to sit on his lap. She tried to get in the picture of the little boy and girl in front of us. She was sitting on go. He was gone for 20+ minutes. We played hide-and-seek on the stage. We sat in Santa's chair. We waved at people on the escalator. When Santa came back, I tried to get Kenly to sit in his lap. She hesitated and then let out a wail that attracted all sorts of attention. I tried to sit in Santa's lap with her. He reeked of cigarette smoke. Last year she played with his beard. He sang her a sweet song. This year he had to restrain her hands and grip her like a vice so that we could capture this holiday memory. Even after the trauma, she would say "claus claus" when she saw his picture, but she wasn't a fan of Papa wearing a Santa hat to Lights of the South. For days Adam and I would quote Elf. You're not Santa you smell like Old Spice and beef jerky.

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