Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet Baby Girl

These are the critters that Kenly sleeps with on a nightly basis. Since Christmas two more have been added to the family. Before long there won't be any room for Kenly. She takes after her Mama. I had so many stuffed animals that it was hard to find me in the bed. Luckily only two critters have specific placements in bed--GeeGaff and Benny Bunny. The rest of the family looks on from the foot of the crib thinking of ways to move into the top tier.

Benny bunny is always in her arms. I forgot Benny at the Howard Johnson in Commerce, Ga. (Room 107) I think he got tangled in the bed sheet of the bed Adam and I slept in. She played there in the morning. The HoJo was gracious and sent him to us in the mail. I have a back up Benny that is well loved and identical, but she can tell a difference because the backup has her name on it. She never noticed, but this mama didn't breathe easy until the original bunny arrived safely in the mail. I will sing the praises of Howard Johnsons for the rest of my life.
Kenly likes to make forts in her bed when she wakes up from nap these days.

It's a privileged to get invited to the party in the crib.


Elle Belles Bows said...

Love it!!! Ella is going through the same stage. She started out with one and now we are up to 7 "lovies". It is kind of nice that she talks to them when she wakes up. It buys me a little extra time:-) Kerri

Brittany Nicole said...

Love all the stuffed animals! I was the same way and even still have my favorite Mr. Bear who's lasted almost 26 years with me now!