Thursday, January 7, 2010

Burkett Christmas 2009 (for your viewing pleasure)

While we were in Augusta, we braved the cold and the long lines to experience The Lights of the South. Adam and I love this tradition. We have a Rudolph spotting competition during the hayride every year. Last year we did not go to The Lights of the South. The last time we experienced the lights was when I was pregnant with Kenly and trying to hide it for the big reveal after The Light of the South. I remember the diesel fumes making me so nauseous. I just wanted to puke or lay down or both. This year was so special because we got to experience the wonder through Kenly's eyes. I don't think she stopped bouncing the entire time we were on the hayride. I got to watch her ooh and aah and point and squeal because Nana held her the whole time. It was magic.

This picture is from the hayride. She never stopped smiling.

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