Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cute, Funny, AND Scary

Kenly had learned a new word. This word can't be mistaken for anything else. This word can be understood without Mommy or Daddy translating.

In the past few days, Kenly has been trying this word on for size. Right now her use of the word is funny and cute, but I'm scared.

Last night when Kenly was about to put her hand in the dog's water, I said, "Kenly. Don't touch it. Chance's water is not for you." She quickly turned around, wearing a rather stern face, and said, "No. No. No."

When she was about to touch the dishwasher, I said, "Kenly..." She turned around and said, "No." This time she performed an emphatic bounce to illustrate her point.

Any time she gets busted about to do something wrong, she turns around and says, "No." I use every ounce of my energy to keep from laughing out loud. We don't want to encourage the use of that word just yet.

It's like she's telling herself no before I have to. But, all too quickly, the tables will turn. Before I know it, I'll ask her to sit down, and she'll say, "No." When that happens, it won't be funny any more.

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Shannon said...

um, yes, "no" is cute now. and yes, the tables will turn and it will no longer be cute. rest assured it will be all too soon. i give the cuteness about a month :)