Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Are you feeling guilty for watching your child eat the crumbs from a Milk Bone? Did you stay in your PJs for three days straight? Is your kitchen floor so sticky it could qualify as fly paper? Well, head on over to MckMama's and get it off your chest. Maybe take a little time to read what everyone else hasn't been doing too.

I did not allow the crash my husband's razor made as it hit the shower floor to cause sheer panic in my heart. It did not take me a full hour to recover from such a silly incident.

While at the germy doctor's office, my daughter did not pick up tissue off the bathroom floor and then proceed to put it in her mouth. That would be gross. At least the tissue was given to her by me, and not leftovers from the day before.

I do not allow my child to run on the furniture or to annoy the dog by frolicking on his couch. Nope. Kenly's feet are always firmly and safely on the ground.
After putting a fresh diaper on Kenly, she did not go in the corner and proceed to squat and grunt to produce poo in her fresh diaper. Upon inspection, I did not find two tiny round poopies that didn't even leave skids on the diaper. I did not remove the two teeny, tiny poops and flush them so that I could keep the same diaper on Kenly. I'm not that cheap.

Finally, I am not feeling like a tub of lard thanks to one of Kenly's toys. It seems that every time I walk past the Leap Frog Fridge Farm, the noise that ensues is a moo or an oink. I'm a rational human being. I know that the toy is just calling out for attention. It is not commenting on the size of my thighs, but still...I'm getting a complex.

What have you not been doing this week?

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Janna Barber said...

I have totally done the same thing with a not-so-dirty-after-all diaper. Those things are expensive!