Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crazy about Corah

I'm crazy about Corah. God has blessed me with this little spitfire for sure. Corah turned 17 months on April 21st. I'm behind on blogging again, and part of the reason is because I'm chasing this precious little one around.  I love watching her little personality develop.  Often her "little" personality and the personality of her big sister stretch me to the breaking point.  Corah loves to be outside.  She often walks to the sliding glass door and looks to be and says, "Up peeze."  She will then point to the glass and say, "Atside."  If I let her go "atside" her face lights up and she practically bounces.   God have mercy on me if I have to tell her no.  She arches her back and cries as if her heart is breaking into a million little pieces.  Then the sadness morphs into anger.  Often this little cherub will bite herself in frustration.

Never a dull moment.
She loves sitting at the picnic table on the porch.  She's fascinated the squirrels that frolic in the backyard.  Heaven help us if a turkey strolls through the yard.  She tries to gobble and she screams, "Duck."  And don't get me started on how cute she is when she sees the birds fly to the feeders.  Unbridled joy...fascination at all of the wonderful gifts God has given us.  She reminds me to take notice.  His blessings abound every day.

I wish we could maintain our childlike curiosity through out life.  I wish we could always live with eyes wide open, discovering something new at every moment.  At 37 I sometimes feel like life has given me blinders or tunnel vision.  But my children, they help me rip the blinders off for a few minutes every day.  What  a gift.

Just this morning Corah woke up at 5:40.  She's suffering from some sort of viral nastiness.  Poor thing has had fever for a few days.  She's wanting to be cuddled and loved.  Most of the time she's not interested in being confined.  I snuggled her and enjoyed a cup of coffee.  I soaked up her warmth and her sweet little hand holding mine.  I watched as the Ibuprofen kicked in and she slowly ventured off my lap.  She's a gift, my precious little one.

She ginned and shook with excitement when I told her we could wake up Sissy.  She ran to Kenly's door and waited for me to open it.  When Kenly finally looked over the edge of the bed to find Corah waiting on her, Corah looked up and said, "Hey Sdissy."  The sweetness overwhelmed me.   They love each other.  The loves often leads to messy fights and hurt feelings, but I pray that the love always wins.

I'm counting Corah as one of my biggest gifts today.  She and Kenly have introduced me to a love like I've never known before. 

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