Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wacky and Tacky

We had a few nice days in early March. Days that begged for sidewalk chalk and nice deep breaths of outside air. Girls can only take a few months of inside living before they go a little stir crazy. When the weather hit the sixty degree mark, I issued a decree--WE ARE GOING OUTSIDE! When we are playing inside, it's not uncommon for Kenly to be wearing a princess gown and a crown at any given moment. Since she's freeze to death in her Cinderella gown, I lovingly suggested that she change into pants, a long sleeve shirt, socks, and shoes. I have to be specific with Kenly in regards to clothing or she might come out wearing a tank top and poodle skirt. I had to stiffle a belly laugh when I turned around to find her in this outfit. At first glance it doesn't look so bad, but if you look closer...and then a little closer, you will find FOUR different floral patterns on her body.  She was proud of the look, so I didn't want to tell her she'd win an award for being completely wacky and tacky.  The girl has a future in rocking "Tacky Day" on Spirit Week in high school.
Can you see it now?  Floral shoes, floral shirt, floral pants....and the bright yellow you see---yep, those are floral socks.

But, that smile.  That smile is anything but tacky.  It melts my heart on a daily basis. 

And this one.  Well, she makes my heart skip a beat as I race to save her from imminent danger at least four times a day.  She's wonderful.  She beautiful.  She's a complete handful.

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