Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Corah Beth is T-R-O-U-B-L-E these days. Now that she can walk, she's all about exploring EVERYTHING.

She loves emptying the DVD cabinets.  Her heart thrills when she can torment Kenly by turning off the television when Kenly is watching a show.  She has also learned to turn off Kenly's music in the middle of Kenly's most passionate dance performances.

She drops anything that will fit down the air conditioning vents.  She's learned to pick up the entire vent to explore the depths beyond.  After Christmas, I found five candy cane ornaments in the air return vent.

She's a button pusher extraordinaire.  Her favorite buttons to push are those found on any electronic device.  Her favorites by far are the dishwasher and the washing machine. 

She tries to turn Chance's water over on a daily basis, and her life goal is to cover every inch of the floor with stuff.  Just the other day, I caught her unplugging one of our Christmas decorations and then trying to plug it back in.  If she finds paper, she will shred it.   With that idea in mind, I found her destroying a library board book the other day.  In this house, we treat books like they are holy.  So, this is the first book destroyed on my watch since I puked on my textbooks in middle school.  In short, I have to watch her every minute. 

Corah is the happiest baby until I cross her.  Then, a fiery temper erupts from somewhere beneath that smiling surface.  She clinches her little fist and growls or banshee yells.  She bites.  She's learned to not bite me.  It doesn't end well for her, so not she bites herself.  That doesn't end well either, so the fit escalates.  

Despite the trouble making and the temper, Corah Beth is one of the sweetest children I've ever had the pleasure of kowning.  I know.  I'm her Mama....I get paid to say that, but I promise I'd be honest if she wasn't.  The girl is a gem.  She is animated.  She is loving.  She's wicked smart.  Already she's learning to hide the food she's supposed to eat so that she can get a second serving of fruit.  I'm so happy to be her Mama. 

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