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Corah Beth--The First Year

Since I got so far behind on my blog in the year 2012, I failed to record all of Corah's stats at each doctor's appointments. I don't want her looking back later thinking that I forgot to record her growth. I tucked all of the information away for such a time as this. One day, my sweet baby girl, you'll have children of your own, and you'll experience the fine balance of time that comes with running it all. Perhaps you'll handle it better than me.

November 2011

When Corah was born at 6:15PM on November 21st, she weighted a whopping 8lbs and 11oz.  She was 20 inches long and she head circumference was 14 inches.

When we left the hospital her weight had dropped to 8.3 pounds.

On November 25th, she went to the pediatrician to be evaluated.  She weighted 8lbs 2.5 ounces.  She was 20.25 inches long and her head circumference was 14.25 inches.  He was slightly concerned about her weight loss.

December 2011--ONE MONTH

 When I took her back to the doctor on December 5th, she made up for lost time.  She was 9lbs 4.5ounces.  I took her back to the doctor on the 12th, and her weight was up to 9lbs 12ounces. 

 January 2012--TWO MONTHS

What a difference a month can make.  Corah went to the doctor on January 5th, and these were her stats.

Weight--11pounds 2ounces
Height--22.25 inches
Head Circumference--15.5 inches

When I took her in on January 24th, she had grown by leaps and bounds.

Weight--12pounds 6.5ounces
Height--23.25 inches
Head Circumference--16 inches

February 2012--THREE MONTHS

March 2012--FOUR MONTHS
At Corah's four month appointment on March 26th, she amazed me again.
Head Circumference--16.5 inches
Height--25 inches
Weight-- 14pounds 10.5 ounces

Corah Beth rolled over for the first time on March 6th (belly to back). 

April 2012--FIVE MONTHS

In April, Corah started all sorts of solid foods.
She tried rice cereal for the first time while we were in Edisto, SC.

April 17th--tried pears
April 25th--tried squash
April 30th--tried prunes

Corah has always struggled with constipation, but once we started solid food, she really started having issues.  We tried giving her Miralax.  We tried juice.  Poor thing struggled.  She's is just now getting into a normal bowel routine. 

May 2012--SIX MONTHS

Corah saw Dr. Dephouse on May 29th.  These were her stats.
Head Circumference--17.5 inches (90%)
Height--26.5 inches (75%)
Weight--16 pounds 15.5 ounces(75%)

On May 9th, Corah rolled from her back to her belly for the first time.

May 8th--tried carrots
May 16th--tried peaches
May 18th--tried apples
May 31st--tried peas

Corah put her feet in her mouth for the first time on May 20th.  

Corah cut her first tooth on on Memorial Day weekend.  She handled it like a champ.  Kenly had a dance recital, and she never fussed.


On June 5th, Corah tried oatmeal for the first time.  She was a big fan.  If I mixed oatmeal and applesauce, she would go crazy.

June 13th--tried green beans
June 17th--tried sweet potato


July 5th--tried strawberries

Corah started saying Mama clearly in July.  She also started saying something that sounds like  "hi there" when she waves.

July 27th--tried Cheerios for the first time.

August 2012--NINE MONTHS

Corah had her nine month appointment on August 30th.
Head Circumference--18 inches (85%)
Height--27.25 inches(50%)
Weight--18 pounds 7 ounces(50%)

On August 7th, I found Corah sitting up in her bed.  That means she sat up for the first time all by herself.

On August 18th, Corah crawled on all fours for the first time.  Up until that point, she had been Army crawling.  On her nine month birthday, Corah started crawling on her hands and knees consistently.  

August 16th--tried avocado (used it to finder paint)
August 19th--tried cherries
August 21st--tried Colby Jack cheese
August 24th--tried French Vanilla yogurt 

September 2012--TEN MONTHS

Corah pulled up to a stand trying to reach Chance on September 20th. 
Corah's third tooth broke through on September 7th (top left).

October 2012--ELEVEN MONTHS

Corah started cruising around the coffee table on October 13th. 

November 2012--ONE YEAR OLD

Corah's 12 month appointment was on November 28th.

Head Circumference--18.25 inches(85%)
Height--28.75 inches(50%)
Weight--19 pounds 4 ounces(50%)

Corah stood up in the middle of the floor without pulling up on anything on December 7th.  On December 18th, she took her first steps while Nana and Papa were visiting.  She really started walking more than 2 or 3 steps on December 28th.

Corah has been working on all four molars for the past two weeks.   She is a slow teether.  She seems to cut the tooth only to have it recede back into her gum.  It seems to take her forever to finish the teething process.  Thank goodness for Advil.   

As of today (January 15th) Corah can verbalize the following words:

Da Da
Sissy (DiDee)
Dog (Duh)
Book (Buh)
Pan (Pancake)
Duck (Duh)
Bye Bye
Hi there
(She can also make a very impressive monkey noise.)

She also has words for her binky and boo bear.  I'll have to work on recording how she says those words.

She can sign somewhat consistently the following:
All done
Thank you

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