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October 2012--Weddings, Trips, and Costumes

So much for keeping the pictures to a minimum. When I look back on all the fun we've had, it is really hard to pick just 30 pictures.

So, it goes against everything in me to post this naked butt picture of Corah Beth.  But, the story is so much better when there is a picture to go with it.  Adam took Kenly to dance one Monday evening.  Corah and I stayed home and started to prepare for bed.  I started her bathwater and preceded to take a video of my cute naked baby crawling rapidly toward the bathroom.  Then the scene of her looking longing at the filling tub made me need to take a picture.  I grabbed the camera and took about 12 pictures.  Then, Corah sat on the floor started splashing happily in a puddle on the floor.  Splashing.  Did anyone get there before me?  At first I though the tub was leaking.  But then I realized that Corah Beth was playing in her own river of pee.  And I mean river.  I'm so glad her bath was already drawn because I had some serious clean up to do. 
Kenly and I do manage to have a bit of time together while Corah takes her morning nap.  This morning we built the tallest tower ever.  It fell just after I snapped this shot.
So, we redesigned the building. 
Kenly and Adam were in Derek and Heather's wedding in Maryland in October.  Kenly counted down to this event for months.  She was so excited, and her excitement has not waned.  I can't tell you how many weddings we've performed in the months since the wedding.

Kenly met the ring bearer at the rehearsal, and she was smitten right away.  She took her job very seriously.  Notice the dress...
Corah wasn't sure what all the fuss was about, but she liked exploring the leaves on the ground.

I love Graham's face in this picture.  Kenly was expressing her desire to hold his hand during the wedding.  His hesitation is obvious. 
I love this picture of me and the girls.  Thank you Adam for taking a picture so that I can remember that I was there. 

Derek and Heather got married at Brookside Gardens.  After rehearsal, we had a bit of time to explore before the rehearsal dinner.
Sharing a hotel room with the girls was an adventure, but Adam and I managed to make it work.  Go team.
Graham and Kenly really enjoyed each other.  They looked so cute all dressed us.  See Kenly rocking the pearl necklace and bracelet that Derek and Heather gave her?  She always wants to wear mine, but I won't let her since they are the real deal.  Now she has her very own. 
She was so excited.

 I took a video of the flower girl in action.  She did a wonderful job. 

At the reception, she dumped her Daddy to dance with Graham.  You can see Adam in the back right.  He managed to console himself by dancing with Corah.  She can't walk away yet.  We had to make Kenly quit dancing to eat wedding cake.  She said, "I don't want any cake.  I'm too busy meeting new people."  What she really meant was, "I'm too busy roping complete strangers into dancing with me."

During the whole night, she only needed one pep talk.  I took her to the bathroom and reminded her that she only had two jobs--to smile and to look pretty.  Apparently I amused the whole women's restroom with my pep talk because several women told me about it later.

Kenly enjoyed harassing Uncle Walt.
We spent a night or two with Uncle Jason and Aunt Paula.  While we were there, we were able to see Seth and Erica (and Maggie and Emily).  It was great fun to get a taste of our old life in Maryland.

I love this picture. 

After Maryland, we drove about 8 hours to Gatlinburg, TN.  The girls were troopers, but poor Corah suffered the last hour of the drive.  She wanted to get down and move.  Pops booked a week at "the big bucket" time share.  Adam stayed one night with us and then headed home to work.  He came back on Friday to pick us up.  We had a fun time playing with Mops and Pops.

I took Kenly to explore some fair ride in Gatlinburg before I remembered that I would have to ride with her.  I managed to ride about five twirling rides without hurling.  It was a true miracle.

Kenly convinced me that she was ready drive a go cart.  We bought a ticket.  She got a quick run down on the rules.  And she drove off...all smiles.  She was the only person on the track and all was well until she ran into a wall.

The smile fades.  Panic set in.
She cried as a sweet employee drove her to safety. 
When we got home, Kenly started preschool.  She really enjoys Creative Beginnings

We found a Groupon to go to Stingy Jack's Pumpkin Patch as well.  We took both girls and had an amazing time exploring the lighted pumpkins, the entertainment, and the hayride. 

We ate a funnel cake while watching some cloggers.  Kenly learned some moves to Michael Jackson's Thriller.  And we watched pumpkins get launched from a cannon.  Kenly squealed with delight when she saw Stingy Jack.  She almost knocked him over giving him a hug.
 The weather was delightful most of October, so we spent plenty of family time outside.  Adam and Kenly tried to catch some fish on the Mills River.  Corah, Chance, and I explored the riverbank. 
Corah caught a few fish of her own--goldfish. 
I'm sometimes blown away by the beauty that surround our home.

Kenly and Adam caught a rainbow fish.  I think this picture will make Adam's fishing wall in the basement.  I've been fishing with him for almost 13 years, and I'm not on it yet.

Kenly had a harvest performance at preschool in October.  She had only been to about three classes before the performance came.  I didn't expect her to know any of the songs or rhymes, but she blew me away.  She had to dress in farm attire.  I finally found a bandana and a flannel shirt at Goodwill, and we threw together this outfit.  Again, I'm so in love with this little face.

They performed in the sanctuary of the church.  Ms. Michele rocked some overalls.

After the performance, we went into the fellowship hall for a potluck brunch.  It was a nice morning.
Mops and Pops came for a short visit in October as well.  We headed down to the Davidson River for a picnic while they were here.
Mops brought Vinga up, and we were able to meet the newest addition to the Brand family.

The Mills River Library threw a Halloween party for the kids.  Everyone came in costume.  Corah was the cutest flower in the world, and Kenly dressed like Little Bo Peep.  She picked the costume out at Marshall's because she fell in love with the hoop skirt.  I dressed as a gardner--muddy face, gloves, hat, and gradening tools. 
Eveyone looked adorable.  Ms. Brittany did a wonderful job planning the event.  Kenly adores Ms. Brittany.

Corah trashed the board book box and tried to hide my keys in the piles of books.
On Halloween, both girls started running fever.  It turned bitterly cold and very windy, so we decided that braving the elements for candy was not a brilliant idea.  But, we still saved Halloween by having the girls Trick-or-Treat inside.  Adam and I hid behind every possible door so that they could get candy.
Adam hiding in Kenly's closet.
Me hiding in the bathroom.
Picking candy from each "house."
Kenly got to take a few pictures of her Daddy.

It turned out to be a lovely Halloween.  The fever both girls experienced on Halloween didn't break for almost two weeks.  Kenly missed four days of preschool.  I came down with something too.  Adam and I both think that I had food poisioning as well.  I had violent stomach issues for about three days. We made two afterhours trips to the pediatrician with the girls.  It was miserable.  Adam did a good job playing Mr. Mom and Dr. Daddy. 

Corah got really good at cruising around stationary surfaces.  She and Boo Bear are now as tight as Kenly and Benny Bunny.  Corah already has the "fire bug"--she's naturally a pyro.  It's in her blood.  I'm so glad we have the safety gate around the stove.

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