Sunday, January 6, 2013

September 2012--Part 2

We had "Indian Summer" toward the end of September. The girls and I spent a great deal of time outside. It was too beautiful. I'm not going to say a lot about these pictures because they are mostly a day in my life.  Looking at them, I'm reminded of what a good life I lead. 
Birthday dress...again.  I promise she has other clothing. 

I love those eyelashes. 

Kenly started yelling at the leaves, begging them to fall so she could try and catch them.  If you look close, I think there is a brown rhododendron leaf falling.
I think  she had Angelina Jolie lips in this picture.  Beautiful.

Look at this leaf, Mom.  Isn't it so cool?

A girl and her dog.  I love that Corah always close to Chance.

Check out her new teeth.

Yelling at the leaves again. 
I wanted a picture of the sister on the bench by the creek.  I love Corah's look in this picture.  Can't you just hear it---"I said get off of me."

Girly girl wielding a big stick.
Watching the leaves blow in the breeze.  I love those blue eyes.
Have I mentioned that Chance is the best dog in the whole world?  He is so patient with Kenly and Corah.  He's never growled or snarled at either one of them.

Hello little O-face. 

I love the moments I can steal with just Kenly.  They are few and far between these day, but I can get them occasionally.  While Corah was napping, we snuck out to the sandbox.  Kenly baked a million cakes and pies.  We made quite a few "concoterations."  I think that is Kenly-speak for concoctions.  

The last weekend in September we headed to the Greek Festival in downtown Asheville.  We had yummy food, listened to some Greek music, watched some Greek dance, and played.

Kenly finished off her sister's food pouch.

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