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November 2012--The Big ONE

The day after Halloween I packed my sick girls up and headed to Augusta for a short visit. Nana and Papa hosted us so that Adam could go help Pops do some work at the cabin in Ellijay. I gave them every opportunity to back out, but they told us to come on.  Papa and Nana bought this 4-wheeler for Kenly and Corah.  At first Kenly was scared to ride it.  Then she realized all the fun she would miss if she didn't overcome her fear.  And then, we couldn't get her off.  Little Miss Sick Eyes rode all over the front yard.
And then she drove Papa's tractor. 
Look at Corah's weak eyes too.  Poor girls were sick.
Kenly and Papa cooked some amazing meals.
Corah did a bit of bacon thieving.  She stole my last piece of bacon right off my plate. 
Papa and the girls cooked a pancake breakfast as well. 
I started feeling pretty rotten during this visit as well.  Nana and Papa went to church and left me taking care of the girls.  I got Corah down for a nap and I was keeping Kenly still by watching Little Einsteins.  Out of nowhere the worst wave of nausea hit me.  I ran to the bathroom and prayed to the porcelain gods.  I heard my phone ring right in the middle of all of this.  Thankfully it was just Adam because Kenly answered the phone.  Adam asked where I was, and she said, "She's throwing up in the bathroom."  Adam didn't know what to do with that information.  Needless to say, I called Mom and Dad and asked them to come home after Sunday school.  Corah woke up and the nausea hit again.  It's was terrifying to see Corah craw toward me while I was vomiting in the bathroom.  Even more terrifying to watch her play with a plastic bag that came from some mysterious location.  How can children find the most terrifying objects or situations in a perfectly safe house?  Nana and Papa kept the girls occupied while I slept and tried to keep something on my stomach.  I got us ready and drove us home on Monday.  Corah choked on phlegm while I was driving on I-26.  Frightening.  Adam did a wonderful job caring for us all.  He took most of the next week off and nursed us back to health.  He was amazing.  I have no idea how single parents handle the plague when it takes everyone in the family out at the same time.  We slowly recovered, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that it took weeks.

Corah started cruising like a champ.  She loved walking behind her push car.  One of her favorite things to do was to walk between Adam and me.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Building her strength for those first real steps.

Corah loves to play the in-and-out game.  She loves to empty anything (a cabinet, a box,...) and then try and put everything back the way she found it.  She started showing interest in blocks.  She really good and taking a tower apart one block at a time.  Kenly would simply trash the whole tower.  Not Corah.  She wants to take it apart slowly.  The small lens on our 35mm SLR broke just after I took this picture.  It wouldn't focus on anything.  I cried.  I love that camera. I started looking into getting it repaired because I couldn't imagine not having it for Corah's first birthday.  The repair shop laughed at me.  I discovered the telephoto lens worked, so I knew that it wasn't the camera.  So, the pictures from the rest of November were taken with our snap and shoot camera.  I also stole some of Nana and Papa's pictures.

Kenly made this turkey at preschool.  I loved looking at what she was thankful for--my backyard, my toys, my dog, and my mommy and daddy.  Apparently Corah didn't make the cut this year.

Adam continued the tradition of making the birthday cake.  We celebrated Corah's first birthday in Evans, Ga since it was the day before Thanksgiving.  There was no real theme for her birthday.  Mops and Pops came and stayed with us for three nights so they could be with us for the birthday and for Thanksgiving.

Beautiful job as always.  He used the napkin colors for the cake icing.  He's one creative man.

The creator with the finished product.  We served chili and lentil soup.  Adam also made some yummy cornbread pancakes to complement the soup.
Corah loved the balloons that Nana and Papa bought her her.  They also found a balloon and some napkins with baby Minnie and the number one.  They completed the decor.

Before cake and presents, I forced everyone to watch a video slide show of Corah's first year.  I set it to music.  Because I can't pick just a few favorite pictures, the show was 20 minutes long.  It covered birth until days before her first birthday.  I love it! 
Nana and Papa bought Corah her birthday outfit.  She looked so cute in all her ruffles.
Then it was time for cake.  Corah sat in the highchair Nana used when she was a baby.  She wasn't sure what to think of all the fuss. 




Kenly helped her blow out the candle or we might still be there waiting.  I forgot to practice with her. 

This is one of my favorite pictures.  I can see the wheels turning.  She thinking.  What do I do with this? 

But Corah learns quick.  She's not shy with food.  Before long we had cake EVERYWHERE.

Corah smeared Adam's face with cake.  It was as if she was trying to share.  Daddy, you have to try this stuff.  It is amazing.

We had to have an initial clean up in the kitchen sink. 

Then it was present time.  Kenly got to help Corah with her presents until she tried to steal the show.  Then she was quietly dismissed to Daddy's lap.  Kenly even got a few small presents to that she wouldn't feel left out. 

How could she possibly feel left out when she was surrounded by people who love her like crazy?

After we officially finished celebrating keeping Corah alive for a whole year, we moved on to Thanksgiving.  Papa fried another amazing turkey.
I peeled oranges, Nannie style, for ambrosia.

Nana cooked another amazing ham.

And Kenly got a taste of chocolate strata pie.  Look at that face...bliss.  She says that this pie is the best thing I have ever cooked.

Later that evening, we began to prep for going to Lights of the South.  Kenly was beside herself with excitement because she was going to get to see Santa.  This called for her first experience with hot rollers.  She wanted to look her very best.

When we got to Light of the South, Kenly made a bee line for Santa's cottage.  We were practically running to keep up with her.  The photo equipment was down for the evening.  There was no line and we were able to take our own pictures.  Score!  Corah was very uncertain about sitting in Santa's lap.  She frowned the entire time.  Kenly might have been nervous herself or she might have sensed Corah's fear.  The next thing we knew, Kenly was holding on to Corah's hand like her life depended on it.

After Kenly told Santa she wanted a big girl swing and some Christmas stickers, we headed out to see Christmas light magic on a hayride.

The gang was all there.
The rare family photo in the princess carriage. 
All of the Burkett/Brand ladies.
Kenly was so excited to help Nana decorate the tree.  We almost didn't get to do this due to a shortage of time and some serious Christmas light drama.  In the end, it made of a wonderful evening.

Corah and Nana made up a new game--Binky tug of war.

The girls were able to wear their matching "Santa Baby" outfits to church on Sunday.  I could kick myself for not getting a picture of them both standing by the tree.  Oh well.

Corah had her one year check up.  They tested her hemoglobin and it was low, so she's taking vitamins that contain iron.  She will have to be retested at her 18 month appointment.  Dr. Dephouse didn't seem too worried.  He seemed to think it could be because of the nasty virus she fought for weeks.  Her 12 month stats are as follows...
Head--18.25 inches (85%)
Height--28.75 inches (50%)
Weight--19lbs 4 oz (50%)

We ended November by attending the Hendersonville Christmas Parade.  Jennifer, Davis, and Drew came with us and we had an amazing time.

I love the excited lean.  Kids at Christmas parades are one of my favorite things.

November was an amazing month filled with many blessing. 

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