Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ooops...I forgot a few! November Part 2

What happens when I get really behind on blogging and picture management?  I put things in the wrong flies and discover it later.  So, I found these beauties from November hiding out in December's file folder.  The mistake has been fixed, but some of these had to go on the blog.

I love that both of my girls love to read/look at books.  Kenly has always loved to read.  Corah went through a phase where she only wanted to throw books.  Now she will walk up to be holding a book and say, "Booha."  I think that means book.

Corah loves to play with the magnets on the refrigerator.  It is great entertainment for her and for me until I have to pick them up.
Corah loves crayons...mostly she likes to dump them in a great big pile.  This is the OUT portion of her beloved in-and-out game.  Truth be told, she mainly likes to pull stuff out.

While in Evans for Thanksgiving and Corah's birthday, we spent a great deal of time outside.  Kenly wanted to drive the tractor and the four wheeler, and Corah just wanted to feel the sunshine.  Corah was really interested in pine straw.  She like playing in the back of Papa's Free 93.
Papa bought this trailer to help with yard debris.  Yeah right, Papa.  We know why you really bought it.  And the girls are so thankful.

Who is having more fun in this picture?

I love watching Adam with the girls.  He's such an amazing father.  He's hands-on and better yet, he's my teammate.  He's always got my back.  There is no good cop/bad cop in this family.  Just one united front.  ALWAYS!

Chance turned 9 this year.  He's our first baby, and he such an important part of this family.

Papa is crazy about these girls.  They have him completely wrapped.
Hello beautiful.  Those eyes are going to melt some boy's heart. 

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