Friday, January 11, 2013

More December 2012

Oh the complication of using two cameras for over two months.  Remembering to load all the photos from both cameras was a bit too complex for me.

I talked about the Truth in the Tinsel project in my first December post.  It turns out that I took a few pictures of some of the ornaments.  I wish I had a shot of the whole banner.  Instead of putting them on the tree, we hung them along a display shelf near the kitchen table.  Kenly was able to keep the ornaments in order and tell the whole sweet story. 

 Kenly loves doing worksheets.  Her coloring and writing are both improving on a daily basis.  We can't spell simple words around her any more because she's too good at sounding things out and using context these days.

 Elfie had fun hiding in almost every room in the hose.  I have to admit that being watched by an elf in the bathroom kinda creeped me out a bit. 
Kenly thought it was funny for him to be in the bathroom. 
This kiddo is too funny.  And shocking.  She dressed in this outfit for preschool.  She was admiring herself in the mirror when she said, "I look sexy.  Don't I look sexy, Mama?"  Um, excuse me?  I was taken aback.  I stuttered.  I told her that she looked sassy.  I tried to explain that sexy is not an adjective used to describe children.  This lead to plenty of whys that I was not prepared to answer.  I mean, how does one explain sexy without talking about S-E-X.  I'm so not ready to go there yet.  We talked about other appropriate adjectives, and then we moved on. I think she picked up the word from the song I'm Sexy and I Know It.  Adam may have called me sexy once or twice too.  It was completely innocent, and she hasn't mentioned it since.
 Elfie hung out with baby Jesus for the day.
 Corah wants to play princesses with Kenly.  She has different ideas on how to use the princesses for fun.

 I love these toys and I really loathe them as well.  Most days I'm happy to play with princesses for awhile, but then I tire of pretending to go to the ball.  Shame on me.
 Elfie was worn out one morning from his trip to the North Pole.  He decided to find a bed buddy and a comfy place to sleep.

 On Saturday I woke up in the mood to clean out some of the junk that was taking over the house.  Corah went down for a nap and I started attacking Kenly's toy box and her closet.  In about an hour, I filled three bag with stuff Kenly had not played with in years (or ever).  Adam took Kenly to Triple Falls so that she would not claim everything I put in the bag was her favorite toy ever.  They hiked to the top of the falls.  Kenly climbed every stair all by herself.
 Adam let her take some pictures of the falls and of him.

They had a wonderful Daddy-Daughter date.  I got a ton accomplished.  They surprised me by bringing home some boiled peanuts.  We all enjoyed the snack.  I think that wraps up 2012. 

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