Friday, April 13, 2012


I was talking on the phone to Leanne today. I was taking multitasking to dangerous new level when Kenly walked in with a wad of wet toilet tissue. I should have sensed that something was wrong at that moment.

Me: Kenly, what are you doing?

Kenly: Nothing. (Alarm bells should have gone off, but I continued my conversation.)

A few minutes pass when Kenly walks in and asks for a towel.
Me: Did you make a mess?

Kenly: Not really. It's just water. (For some reason, I still don't seem concerned. Probably because I was talking to my good friend.)

 Flashback to 7:00 AM. I remember giving Kenly a water bottle to drink out of for the day. She woke up feeling poorly, so I wanted her to drink water like crazy. I suddenly remember chasing my friends in high school having massive water fights with the very type of water bottle I gave my toddler. I start to get nervous, but I still don't get off the phone. I walk into her room to investigate, expecting nothing more than a spill. What do I find? Kenly is entertaining herself by squirting water into her shoes.

 Me: Kenly Shae Brand. What on earth are you doing? (still holding the phone while Leanne waits patiently) Get in time out right now.

 I still don't get off the phone. I take two dress shoes that contain enough water to have become swimming pools for her Polly Pockets to the sink.  I pour the water from both shoes into the kitchen sink.   I wrap up my conversation quickly.

 Me:  (to Kenly) What on earth were you thinking? Why were you squirting water in your shoes?

Kenly: I was just trying to keep my feet cool.

 Three year old logic never fails to shock and amaze me.

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