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November 2011--More than Just a Birth Month

Corah's birth overshadowed most of November. First the waiting for her to arrive and then all the hubbub that celebrating her arrival. But, other things happened too. Since Corah was born right before Thanksgiving, my parents hung around to celebrate with us.  Mom and Dad put on a mean feast, and the rest of us helped where we could.  I really wanted to start teaching Kenly how to make ambrosia.  Nannie, my mom's mom, was smiling in heaven as everyone took a turn making this special dish.  First, Adam and Papa channeled Nannie by peeling the oranges in one long strip with a knife.  Think Sleepless in Seattle, but with oranges.  Then we let Kenly smash the oranges to release all the juices and yummy pieces of pulp.
We were careful to mention that you should never lick your hands while making ambrosia, but I'm not sure she listened to this step.

We added the crushed pineapple and stirred it with our hands.  That's how you add the extra yum and love, you know?
Then we added the cherries and some of the cherry juice.  I think we even sampled some of the yummy concoction along the way.  We made sure to make a big sticky mess because that is what ambrosia requires.

Kenly finally got her hands on her big sister.  Holding Corah never lasts long.  Let's face it.  She has to be still and quiet, and most importantly, gentle.  And for our three year old, that equals BORING.
Nana and Papa got some snuggles too.
In there somewhere, Corah got her first bath because she started smelling sort of funky.  She was not a fan.  Not at all.
Kenly competed for attention, even at picture taking times. 
So we let her win and have a private photo shoot. 
Hip-hop lips.  Check out that pout.
Unpacking her angry eyes.
More lips....
Then Kenly wanted to have a turn taking pictures.  Adam turned the camera over to her, and then he was ordered around.  I think the girl has a good eye.

Okay...most of the time....but cut her a break, she's only 3.
Corah as a baby burrito  She hated that binky.  I still struggle to get her to take a binky.  Most of the time she spits it clear across the room.  She'd much rather chew on her fingers or my chin or my fingers...or anything else she can get her hands on.

She looks so little in that crib.  We've traded our old, puffy bumper in for the breathable variety.  I didn't want to do it, but this kiddo loves to smash her face against things.  She's quite the wiggle worm as well.  We've stopped using the wedge now too.  95% of the time, she sleeps in the crib.  When she's having a tough night, I've been known to pull her into bed with me in the interest of getting some sleep.  I'm sleeping in the nursery right now.  I can give her plenty of room to breath.  I'm talking putting her clear across the bed from me, but it never fails.  When I wake up, she's cuddled right up against me.  I never move because I'm terrified I'm going to hurt her, so I'm sure she's the one squirming across the bed to me. 
Uncle Jason, Aunt Paula, Mops, and Pops took a day trip up to meet the new addition.  I think everyone was really impressed with her.  Granted, she slept through most of the visit, but she wowed them just the same.

What do you think Kenly's look is saying?  I think it is a mix between love and disgust.

I know that sibling are only supposed to give kisses on the baby's head and feet, but when you're toddler finally shows interest in loving the baby, just stand back and let it unfold.  At least that is my motto. 
We did a little decorating for Christmas.  Adam is one of those rare men who enjoys putting the lights on the tree.  He likes the challenge of hanging everything just right.  He never even grumbles.  Don't ask him to hang too many ornaments, but he's great about doing the lights every year.

Nana and Papa were still up while we were decorating.  It was nice to have an extra set of hand.  I was exhausted from having a baby and all, and Kenly was a hyperactive bundle of Christmas energy.  Having the help kept me from sounding like a complete Grinch or from refusing to decorate at all.

Kenly loves these "glittery" ornaments.  Apparently it runs in the family.  I pitched a complete tantrum as a child because I wanted these ornaments off a neighbor's tree.  They were kind and generous and sent a set of 4 or 5 home with me.  Nana gave them to me when I started decorating my own tree. 
Papa snuggled Corah Beth while most of the decorating was going on.

Corah is my chunky baby.  Even in all her newborn glory, my Dad was saying, "Paint her green and call her Buddha." I adore every roll.   Every fat dimple. 

I love nursing Corah.  Both of my girls are/were naturally good nursers.  It's a full time job, but it's good for me and her.  In addition to that, it is cheap.  The biggest sacrifice is having to cut back on dairy products significantly.  If I eat too many, Corah pays the price.   
Nana and Bethie Boo.

I waver between thinking that Corah looks just like Kenly and that she is her own distinct person.  Right now she has the most stunning blue eyes.  I hope they stay that way.
Kenly is rediscovering all the old toys.  Strangely she has as much fun with them now as she did at Corah's age.

Kenly helped Papa put together a dresser for Corah's room.
We all braved the Hendersonville Christmas Parade.  I normally have 500 pictures of the parade.  This year we walked away with two.  Neither of the pictures are good, but both of us had our hands too full to snap pictures.

 Me and my girls.
Kenly watching the parade from her favorite perch.  She had a good time looking for her dance company to come by in the parade.
Adm got to feed Corah her first bottle.  She took it like a champ.  She'd rather nurse and often fights the bottle, but girl doesn't like to miss a meal.

Chance likes to help out with feedings.  It was very important to get Corah started on the bottle early in case I had an RA flare.  Kenly struggled to transition from the breast to bottle when I got my diagnosis three months after she was born.  So far, we haven't needed to transition, but it will be easier this time around if we have to walk that road.

Corah hated tummy time early on.  I'd make her lay on her stomach until she started to pitch a fit and then I'd let her chill on her tummy time mat in a more comfortable position.

I'm adjusting to life as a mother of two.  Depending on the day, I'm feeling like a rock star or an utter failure.  Kenly had my undivided attention for 80%+ on most days.  We did crafts and played games.  I kept her entertained.  She's learning to entertain herself, but the adjustment period is a bit agonizing for her and me.  On this particular day, I managed to get Corah asleep in her crib.  I asked Kenly what she wanted to do.  CRAFT!  I had not prepared anything, so we just threw together this lovely winter scene.  What do you make with feathers, pom poms, Styrofoam balls, bottle caps, toothpicks,buttons,  and pipe cleaners?  Why a snowman and a Christmas tree...of course.  I followed Kenly's lead with this one, and her ideas were great.  She did get stabbed with a toothpick in her foot.  She screamed so loud that I was sure the crafting session was doomed, but Corah slept through the raucous.

Pops came up in late November and early December and helped me with both girls.  He would get up with Kenly while Corah and I slept in a bit.  He made our lunches and dinners.  He kept Kenly from thinking that I had traded her in for a newer model.
His quote of the week..."If Corah is missing when I have left, I know nothing."  Corah was largely in a snugly newborn coma state.  Who doesn't love snuggling a warm, sleeping baby?
I could not have survived without him.  During this week, I took Corah to the pediatrician because she started showing signs of reflux like Kenly.    She started taking Ranitidine (Zantac), and we saw marked improvement in about five days. 

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