Monday, March 26, 2012

Corah Beth--In the Hospital

I've already written Corah's birth story, but I've really far behind on life since her arrival.  These are some of my favorite pictures from the hospital.  I always love it when Adam jumps behind the camera.  He takes great pictures.

I'm texting my "praying faithful" in this picture in order to let them know that I was about to start pushing.  Technology is so great.  I love that I felt surrounded my the love and prayers of so many even though Adam and I were the only ones in the room (outside of medical staff).
Corah was minutes old in this picture.  I love that you can still see vernix on her elbow. 

She came out the the cutest cheeks...round and full.  Papa joked that she needed to grow into those cheeks. 
Proud happy to meet Whatzit.  Thrilled to know that I had another little girl to love.
Corah's personality is reflected in these photos.  She is so calm and laid back until she's not.  She's either chill or letting me have it. Forget middle ground.
8 pounds 11 ounces of pure love

Believe it or not, Nana and Papa and Kenly all held Corah before Adam did.  I sort of hogged her once I had her in my arms.  Nine months is a long time to wait.  Labor is hard.  I think I earned first snuggles.  Everyone else can speak for themselves.  :)
I was so happy to get my hands on my big girl as well.  I missed her something fierce while I was in the hospital.
The business of being born is exhausting.

I had to beg Kenly to stop playing with the television remote so that I could snap this picture of her with Adam.

Meeting Corah for the first time--are those excited eyes or terrified eyes?
Ahhh....Daddy finally gets to hold his baby girl.  I think he's proud. 
Yep...the smile says it all.  He's in love.
These next photos are some of my favorites.  I love Adam's perspective.

Love this one....

This might be one of my favorites too.  Look at those luscious baby lips.
I'm completely in love with this child.  Look at all that hair.  She's since rubbed most of the hair on the back of her head off. 

Another one of my absolute favorites.

Nana and Papa did an amazing job of taking care of my BIG girl while we focused on welcoming Corah to the world.  I think they are kinda proud of their second granddaughter.

Kenly would swing between elation on worry.  I think she's a bit closer to worry in this picture.

Daddy taught Kenly how to swaddle Camry, her baby. 
We tried to give her lots of practice holding Camry before we let her get her hands on Corah.
Sweet baby feet.  I love how most babies have to grow into their feet and hands.
I adore this shot.  A cute foot and a proud Nana.

Adam was amazing in the hospital.  When I needed some sleep, he would swaddle Corah and snuggle her on the couch/bed. 

Aren't they beautiful?

We placed our family picture in the crib with Corah.  Kenly made the cute kite for Corah in her "Big Sister" class at Mission Hospital.
Adam laughs every time he sees this picture.  He chuckled and asked, "Are you sure you didn't have Java the Hut's baby?"
Holy Cheeks....I love it!
More snuggles with Daddy.

All of our bracelets.
The ride home.  We don't have a picture outside of the hospital.  It was windy and cold, so we hurried to get her into the car.  She did great on the way home. 

All in all, we felt more confident as parents this time around.  When Kenly was born, we couldn't get her to stop crying.  The nurses would come in and get her to stop in 3 seconds.  I truly believe Kenly could sense how terrified were.  Parenthood is a monumental task.  Seeing was a beautiful child Kenly is helped us relax and soak up the early moments with Corah without freaking out every time she made a  weird noise.  We were relaxed and, as a result, Corah was too.

We have two of the most beautiful girls in the world.  

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