Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dancing Queen

The week of Corah's due date, Kenly's dance studio held an open house so that parents and grandparents could see what a typical class looks like.  I wasn't sure I would make either of the open houses, but I'm glad Corah Beth decided to delay her arrival so I could see both classes.  Kenly's favorite class is tap and ballet with Ms. Merle and Miss Allison.  I was amazed by how much Merle had already managed to impress upon these girls.  Kenly thrives on the structure of this class.  She needs routine.  She's in the blue leotard.

Waiting her turn to work individually with Ms. Merle.

Can you spy the pregnant Mama with the camera glued to her face?
My personal favorite.
Changing into her ballet slippers.
What position is this?  Who knows?  I never took dance, but I'm loving learning all the terms
Kenly is also taking a hip hop dance class on Thursday evenings.  This class is more laid back.  Mrs. Jaime and Miss Katelyn are teaching her moves like the sprinkler, the cat daddy, and the tootsie roll.  Kenly has mastered the attitude necessary for her hip hop routine.

We get to have another open house in March.  I can't wait.  Her recital will be in May, and I'm sure it will be an absolute riot.  Costumes are in, and while I find their cost ($160 for two) shocking, I'm thrilled at how precious Kenly looks in both.  Pictures are next week.  I'll be sure to take a few of my own so that I can show off my show girl. 

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