Sunday, February 19, 2012

November 2011--Playing in the Leaves

Just before Corah was born, I asked Adam to make a huge pile of leaves for Kenly to play in.  We have pictures from from every fall of her trudging through leaves, and I didn't want to miss the photo opportunity just because I was pregnant.  So, Adam got out the blower and made his very pregnant wife happy.

He made Kenly happy too.  She loved throwing gravel from the driveway into the leaf pile.
Chance and Kenly are getting more enamored with each other with every passing day.  He still resents losing his position as number one, but he now sees the benefit of extra family members.

Love this picture.  She and Adam are the best playmates.  I'm blessed to be married to a Daddy who makes it a priority to be active in the lives of his daughters.
Chance got some special attention too.  Adam has to protect every possible patch of skin when they are wrestling.  Hooded sweatshirts work great.
Pregnant profile...can you say BIG mama.

Where is the pregnant Mama?

Making leaf angels...a twist on the every popular snow angels.

We had an amazing morning playing in the leaves.  Simple pleasures are the best.

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