Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stingy Jack's Pumpkin Patch

Awhile back, I bought a Groupon for half-off admission to Stingy Jack's Pumpkin Patch.  I was shocked to hear that the event had been going on for a few years because I've never heard of it, and it was practically in our back yard.  With a quick drive to Pisgah Forest, we found ourselves in a Halloween wonderland.

We hopped a trolley from the parking area to the actual event site.  Kenly enjoyed the trolley ride mostly because she didn't have to be in her "space chair."
Stingy Jack's Pumpkin Patch had all sorts of wonderful things to do.  There was a corn maze that we didn't even attempt because Kenly and Big Mama got tired.  We did, however, take part in the child's hay maze and the hayride.  We listened to a ton of good music and met Stingy Jack.  Once it got dark, we ventured to see all the carved craft pumpkins.  It was amazing fun.  Kenly wanted to go back the next weekend, but we didn't make it back.  I'm sure this will be an annual tradition for the Brand family.
We ate yummy food from some of the vendors at Stingy Jack's.  After Kenly finished off her hot dog, she was able to have some kettle corn.

I love this child.  I wish I could get her to wear a hat more often because home girl can pull it off.
Kenly really loved dancing on the dance floor with Stingy Jack.  He told Adam that Kenly was the best dancer he had seen so far.  He was quite taken with her and all her groovy moves.  I guess dance lessons are paying off.  I swear I saw her attempt the "Tootsie Roll."
Stingy Jack told all the kids a Halloween legend and challenged them to a race.  Then they all met back at the stage for a bit of dancing fun.

Adam took this artsy photo of Kenly dancing.  I love all the swirling colors.
When she started to get tired and clumsy, Adam put her in the pack and they continued dancing.
I love my husband for tons of reason, but I was particularly taken with him when he thought nothing of being the only adult on the dance floor.  He was completely lost in the moment with his little girl.
The carved and lighted pumpkins were great fun to look at.  These photos don't do the display justice. 
The sunflower below is carved in four craft pumpkins.  I think they plan on adding to the display every year.  Kenly loved the experience, and so did we. 

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Shauna said...

Stingy Jack's looks like a ton of fun -- seems like you got a full-on Halloween experience for Kenly! And you're totally right about the hat. It looks great on her!