Thursday, November 3, 2011

Uncle T and Aunt C

Uncle Travis and Aunt Carrie came up to visit us this past weekend. It was nice to have them with us just before Halloween again.  Last year they were able to go trick-or-treating with us, but this year Halloween had to be difficult and fall on a Monday.  While they were here, they spoiled us all rotten.  They did some grocery shopping for us while Adam and I caught up on a few things around the house.  Carrie and Travis helped me move a few things from the baby's closet to the the basement.  There are still "miles to go before we sleep," but they helped put a dent in a very large job.

They lavished love and attention on Kenly and she relished every moment.  They took her on a shopping spree to Target, and she scored these wall stickers and the cool blue dance leotard she's wearing in these picture.
We let Kenly have complete "creative license" when putting up her wall stickers.  She is her Daddy's daughter.  Everything needed to be clustered together and grouped.  Carrie and I were mentally begging her to spread things out a bit more, but she loved her design.  She kept saying, "Isn't it beautiful?"

Is she excited or what?

This is how Kenly decided  her wall stickers should look.  When I woke her up after nap, she had three of the flower stickers on her fingers.  She said, "Mama, aren't they beautiful and don't they smell so sweet?"
Apparently going on a shopping spree with Uncle T and Aunt C is exhausting.  In Target, Kenly said, "I'm wored out."  Kenly also got to open a birthday present from her beloved aunt and uncle as well.  She received a Melissa and Doug "Crab Ball" game and a Melissa and Doug sticker book that allows her to decorate faces.  She also received a beautiful pink shirt with a glittery unicorn on the front.

On Sunday we carved pumpkins.  Kenly decided to hide out in the kitchen while the pumpkins were being gutted.  Apparently the smell of pumpkin guts is enough to trigger her gag reflex.  She spent a good deal of time gagging.  I wish I had the gagging on video, but I always seems to be a bit behind when it comes to remembering that I have a Flip Video camera.
She finally worked up the courage to touch the pumpkin innards. 
See her covering her nose?  She really struggled.

Still having a hard time stomaching the process.
When it was time to carve, she gave her Daddy instructions to make her a haunted house.

She told Aunt Carrie and Uncle Travis to make a bat.

I carved a few pieces, but I did a great deal of  watching.  I also fished the pumpkin seeds out of the muck to roast them.  My friend Erica sent me her secret recipe.  Clean the seeds with water.  Put them on a cookie sheet and bake at 425 with plenty of salt until they are crisp.  Easy and delicious.  Kenly even tried them.  She said they tasted like popcorn.

Here is the finished product.  Adam's haunted house also included bats, a wolf, a ghost and a witch.  This picture does not capture all his wonderful detail.
We had a wonderful visit with Uncle T and Aunt C.  Saturday we also had some friends over for a cook out.  I had a blast, but I was being plagued by strong Braxton Hicks contractions.  I really thought for about an hour that we were going to have an October baby. Thankfully Whatzit decided to cook.  I really wanted him/her to stay put until November.

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