Saturday, October 15, 2011

Forgotten Summer Treasures

I was looking back through some pictures from this summer when I realized I left out these gems.  While in Augusta, Kenly and I went to Uncle Travis and Aunt Carrie's land.  They were in the process of building a house then, but now they are officially moved in.

We went down to the pond to find a few baby turtles.  Aunt Carrie was really good and catching them so we could get an extra close look.
To cool off, we had a bit of a water fight. 

Kenly experienced one of life's small pleasures--drinking from a hose.

Uncle Travis played dirty, but Aunt Carrie and Kenly retaliated and shot water into his boots.

Kenly and Papa spent some quality time coloring on the living room floor.  They worked diligently on coloring all the strawberries on this page.  I've never seen Kenly try so hard to stay in the lines.  Apparently metallic Crayola crayons make her want to be a perfectionist. 

We spent a bit of time at the Splash Pad.

Kenly got her first serious haircut.  She's not sad about the process; she's absorbed in a thrilling episode of Word World on TV.

Kenly's been asking to play with Papa's antique firetruck for about a year now.  We always run out of time, but we actually made it happen on this trip.  My Daddy and his brother played with a toy just like this one when they were small.  So, we did our part in making sure that Kenly turns out to be a pyromaniac like the rest of us.
The truck actually squirts water.  It's beyond cool.

Papa played the "Fire Cheap."  They made a mock 911 call, and Kenly was off to save the day.  She kept saying, "Fire Cheap, do you have any more instructions?" 
Looks like the fire is almost out.
Look out "Fire Cheap"...Kenly's aim with the hose is not the best.
She thanked the "Fire Cheap" by giving him a kiss and asking to do it again.

Her request was granted.  Never fear.  I don't let my child play with or near fire without close supervision and plenty of distance between her and the flames.  I think she will beg Papa to play with the firetruck on every visit now. 

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Shauna said...

My first thought was "oh, Kenly looks so sweet with her headband" and then I thought what awesome parents, grandparents, and uncles and aunts Kenly has, to let her play (safely) with fire! Lucky girl =)