Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feed or Chase? That's the Question.

We started feeding ducks at Lake Julian, but I always felt like I was putting Kenly in danger.  The ducks and geese there are horribly aggressive.  At times, I've had to border on duck abuse to keep Kenly out of harms way. Feeding ducks in the face of constant danger is not fun, so we decided to find a new feeding ground.  Patton Park in Hendersonville is the perfect place to feed ducks.  If we go on a weekday, they are happy to see us and our bags of stale bread.  I can confidently and comfortably let Kenly feed the ducks all by herself without fearing for her safety.
They surround her, and I don't even break out in a sweat.

See.  This is me without a bit of worry.

But when she's done feeding the ducks, she loves to chase them.  Am I horrible?  I let her.  They quack and she squeals.  No feathered friends are harmed.  In fact, they get a workout waddling away on those little webbed feet.  If she can every make one fly, she laughs with wild abandon. 

She wears herself out, and I'm entertained. We all have a perfectly symbiotic relationship. The ducks get fed. Kenly gets exercise and joy. Mama gets to watch and take pictures. Peaceful, right?

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