Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Lesson in Phonics

Let's start this story by reminding everyone that I'm rather round and ponderous at this point in my pregnancy.  I don't bend well, and getting up off the floor is a chore.  So, this morning when I asked Kenly to sit on the futon so I could help her with her shoes and she balked at the idea, I was none too pleased.

I calmly explained that Mommy can't get on the floor right now.  I asked her to please come to the futon so that I could help her.

In typical three-year-old fashion, she pointed her finger at me and growled a nasty "AAAGGH!"  I promptly picked her revolting rear up and took her to a time out in her bedroom.  She started wailing and moaning.  I gave myself a minute to cool off and then I went to address the disrespect.  Here is our conversation.

K:  I don't like to be in time out.
Me:  I don't like to put you in time out.  I like it when you listen to Mommy.  Kenly, why are you in time out?
K:  I'm in time out because I said "AAGH" at you. 
Me:  That is right.  I'm glad you know why you're in time out.
K:  But, Mommy.  "AAAGH" is just the sound that the letter A makes.

I had to fight to keep a straight face.  I had to remind her that while some sounds and faces can be innocent, their meanings can change when a person is using them in anger or frustration.  What am I going to do when she's smarter than me?

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