Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two tidbits

I wanted to share two Kenly stories before they faded into oblivion.  The first story is far from funny or enjoyable.  One random evening in July we decided to have a campfire in our fire pit.  We roasted hotdogs and filled our bellies with mac and cheese.  Kenly was off exploring when she started screaming.  She ran to me in obvious pain.  I picked her up, but I couldn't see anything wrong.  About that time, Chance started freaking out.  I looked at the ground and saw about twenty yellow jackets swarming.  Kenly had stepped on a yellow jacket nest. We quickly moved away from all the chaos.  By the time we got inside, I could count at least eight stings.  I really felt quite panicked, but I held myself together and stayed calm for the kiddo.  I called the doctor and a very calm nurse told me to use either meat tenderizer or baking soda to create a paste for the stings.  Kenly hated the paste, so we watched a little Sesame to keep her occupied while it needed to stay on her arms.  The nurse also said to give her Benadryl and Motrin to help with the itching and pain.  I didn't sleep much that night.  My brother was highly allergic to all stinging things when he was young, so I kept waiting for a reaction.  The nurse says that most children don't react the first time they are stung.  It's often the second sting that brings on a reaction.  For about two weeks, Kenly would freak out if she heard the slightest buzzing.  Now she seems to understand that not everything that buzzes is out to hurt her.  We had to explain that yellow jackets aren't mean.  They were simply defending their home in the only way they knew how.  We're just glad that Kenly and Chance were both okay.  Daddy took revenge on the buzzing bullies, and we all felt much better.

On a lighter note, Kenly, Adam, and I all went to Brixx pizza for dinner one night in July.  Kenly finished eating early and asked to go play in a grassy courtyard with some other children.  Adam allowed her to leave the table, and he promised to keep an eye on her since my back was to the courtyard.  This courtyard is surrounded by two restaurants, and many kids use it to pass the time while waiting on their food or while waiting on their slow parents to finish eating.  All was well for about five minutes.  Adam suddenly jumped up while frantically waving his arms and started screaming, "No. No!  Kenly, No!"  I had no idea what was going on since my back was to the action.  When I turned around, I couldn't find Kenly.  Adam had taken off running to the courtyard by this point.  At this point, I hear the patrons around us giggling and saying things like, "Oh. That is so cute."  I then discover that my child has pulled up her dress and has dropped her undies in order to poop on the lawn.  Thankfully Adam got to her before any damage was done.  As he picked her up, she said, "Hurry Daddy!  I have to go really bad."  The most comical aspect of the whole story was that she decided to squat in front of a sign that read..........(wait for it)........


Forget about dogs and worry about my jungle squatting daughter.

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