Monday, September 5, 2011

July 2011--Part One

In July we took at least two trips, but we did spend a bit of time at home. I wish I could say that I took tons of pictures, but below is a smattering of our fun at home. When Daddy came home from West Virginia, Kenly came down with the funk. She suffered for days with a high fever and no other symptoms other than a small rash on her face. The nurse seemed to think that she had hand, foot, and mouth disease, a really nasty virus. If so, she had a super mild case, and I'm happy she didn't erupt in "boils" like some of the internet pictures. About four days after she got better, Adam caught some "awful nasty" too. He finally went to the doctor, and got an antibiotic. It seems that what he had worked its way into a sinus infection. In the midst of it all, we had some fun.

I love to watch our critters snuggle Daddy. They were talking to Mops on the phone when I took this picture.
Kenly loves getting her toenails painted now. She loves to pick out the "ponelish." She's adorable as she bends to "blow dry" her freshly painted nails. She's even mastered the heel walk so that she can get from place to place without smudging her toes.
Twice in one week Kenly decided to color her face. Thankfully the markers she selected were washable, so it wasn't the end of the world. The first time I caught her, I laughed. If you look closely at her face, it looks like she tried to put on eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. I love that her marker choice matched her pajamas. We had a long talk about how markers are used. When she colored her face pink a few days later, she lost her marker privilege. She's finally earned easy access to the markers back.

Kenly always wants to play in the rain with her princess umbrella and rain boots. However, most of our rains are accompanied by lightening, so I'm not going to let her out to stomp with a lightening rod in her hands. We finally got a gentle summer rain, and we let her go crazy. These are a few of my favorites from her "Singing in the Rain" moment.

Kenly loves this bubble mower. Sadly, it has never blown a bubble. We tried, but it need flat ground. Since we have a shortage of flat ground in the mountains, Kenly uses her imagination. I love that she's helping Daddy mow looking all feminine.

At the end of July, we all came home from adventuring, and Kenly started running high fever again. She had a slight cough, but nothing that I was too worried about. We used the humidifier and treated her fever. After days of watching her flop, I took her to the pediatrician only to find out that she had a mild case of the croup. A few days of steroids, and she was good as new. I'm beginning to think we played too hard.

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