Tuesday, September 6, 2011

July 2011--Part Two ( 4th of July @Clarks Hill)

What happens when 7 adults, 3 large dogs, and a two year old spend a week in a single wide trailer with one bathroom? Everyone has a rip-roaring good time. We went back to Augusta just before the fourth of July to celebrate with the Burketts. My parents have a trailer on Lake Thurmond(otherwise know by its proper name, Clarks Hill). We arrived on the third in time for a huge club wide picnic. We ate amazing food and then settled in for a bit of a rest. Kenly has never been to fourth of July festivities because she goes to bed before they begin and she's terrified of loud noises that catch her off guard. After nap, we went down to the lake to cool off for a bit. Kenly modeled her flag for the camera.

As the sun set, we watched a parade of American flag waving passengers on wave runners and the American flag reflected in the water. We ate popcorn and boiled peanuts. We drank our fill of Coke products. Kenly made two sand art bottles, and then the real fun began.

Daddy brought out the sparklers. Grandma really enjoyed the sparklers.
As did Kenly...
Kenly did amazingly well with the flaming sticks of fun. We only had one close call, and Daddy knocked the sparkler from her hand before any harm was done. He's our hero.
The smiles you see through the smoke say it all.

As it got closer to time for the fireworks, Kenly started weeping. She begged to go back to the trailer. After all, it was way past her bedtime. It was dark, and everyone kept preparing her for loud noises. I convinced her to hold Benny Bunny tight and stick it out. When the first fireworks exploded, she jumped. After about three minutes, she settled in and started "oohing" and "aahing" like the rest of us. She moved from my lap into her Daddy's. What do you think? I kinds think she's a fan of fireworks now.
We spent a great deal of time on Papa's "big ole boat" during the week.
Adam did some tubing. I was insanely jealous because I love to tube and ski, but being pregnant, I decided to play it safe.
Aunt Carrie and Uncle Travis were able to spend a few days with us. We were thrilled to have them both with us.
Kenly loved watching her Daddy tube. I don't know who smiled more--Adam or Kenly.
Grandma was there with us as well. She enjoyed watching us goof off in the water. She spent most of her time fishing.

Chance enjoyed the boat was well. I think he feels like the king here.
Papa and Kenly made a few great sandcastles.

Kenly gave sunbathing a try. She decided that sitting still only leads to naps, so she quickly told the raft goodbye.
My talented brother brought his guitar and his ukulele, and we had a time listening to impromptu concerts.

Daddy grilled some great ribs.
We did a bit more boat riding.
We spent the morning at Mistletoe State Park. Back before Kenly, Adam and I played on this very playground. Kenly and Grandma hiked to the playground.

My 88 year old Grandma even gave the slide a go. She's fearless.

And then the unthinkable happened. Kenly said, "I want to ski behind the big ole boat with Mommy." So, what did this pregnant mama do. I hopped in the tube and prayed the ride would be smooth. We went slow and steady, and when I could take no more, we called it quits.
Until Kenly roped her Daddy into getting in the tube with her. Look at the dare devil....she's got both hands in the air. We could barely get her off the tube. She bragged to the world that she "skied behind the boat." I was so proud of her.
She sat in Papa's lap and got a lesson on all the boat's gauges while enjoying a juice box.
And then...she took the wheel and drove us all over the lake. I think Papa's heart was bursting. He's been wanting her to drive since the first time we set foot on the boat. Apparently "skiing" behind the boat gave her the courage to try anything.
We had a wonderful time celebrating this great country with the people we love.

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