Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flower Power--August 13th

I asked Kenly for months what type of party she wanted when she turned three.  Her answer was always the same.  Always without delay.  I want a flower party.  I was actually thrilled that she choose such a broad theme because it gave me plenty of wiggle room in the planning process.  We invited our family and closest friends, and the rest was history.

Since the beginning, Adam has made Kenly's cake.  I help wherever I'm needed, but for the most part I stay out of the way.  This year Kenly decided that she wanted a round cake with pink icing.  She also wanted flowers on her cake, specifically hydrangeas.  She even pulled out a book with pictures so that Daddy would have something to work with.

She was the first to taste test the cream cheese icing. 
I think the icing passed the test.
She was right under Adam the entire time he was working on the cake.  Once she got a taste of icing, she wasn't going to roam far from his side. I think she was waiting on him to drop some.

Pink, round cake done.

Mops, Adam, and Kenly all took a little rest in the princess castle that Mops brought up for Kenly to have in her room.
After reviving, Adam started decorating again.  She added a bit of green to the cake for leaves, vines, and stems.
He added two really impressive hydrangeas. 
Then he decided that the cake needed a few red flowers.
So he added a rose and a tulip.
Kenly was really impressed with her Daddy's hard work.  She wanted to eat it right away.  We managed to convince her to save it for her flower party.
She opened a few gifts from Pops before her party.  She received "monies" to start a savings account.  We've already done that.  She started counting her "monies" when she opened the card.  Pops gave her $30 one dollar bills, and I think she counted them all.  She also opened a gift card to Chick-fil-A and The Cracker Barrell.  I think Pops knows what his little girl likes.
The finished cake.
Saturday finally arrived.  We set up a few sprinklers and a slip and slide.  We hung a few streamers, and then all our friends and family arrived.  Davis, Jennifer, and Grandma came.
Adam decided that he'd show the kids how a slip and slide worked, complete with tearless bubble bath to make it go faster.
Kenly still wasn't taking any chances, so she rode on the slide with her Daddy.
The rest of the adults watched.  I think Adam had more fun.  If I didn't have a baby bump, I would have joined right in myself.
Kenly started doing the slide by herself if Daddy would push her.
Adam helped Davis and Ava too. 
Then Daddy upped the ante and started taking Kenly down on his back.
She loved it.
Then she started sliding on her back

It was all fun until she flipped over in the splash landing and got water up her nose.  Then she had to take a time out and let Daddy make it all better.

A little less excited, and a little more worried while watching her friends play on the slip and slide.
The pizzas from Papa Johns arrive, and we brought the kids in to get dried off.  While I arranged lunch, the kids make a mirror craft.  Twenty-five cent mirrors from Michaels, markers, and plenty of stickers made it an easy, cheap party activity.

After everyone finished pizza, it was time for Kenly to blow out her candles.  Since I can't video and take pictures at the same time, I only have a few still frames from right before and right after.  We handed out flower leis to all the party guests.  Adam lit the candles and she blew them out before we could ever sing.  We sang and let her have a second go at the candles.
We always take a family picture with her and her cake on her birthday.
This is my favorite photo from the day.
The cake gets two thumbs up from Kenly.
Grandma, Nana, and Papa all came to the party.
Thanking Daddy for her wonderful cake.
Opening presents from all her friends and family.
A Snow White dress and accessories from the Yoders.

Thanking Davis for her new Veggie Tales video.  She loves The Princess and The Pop Star.
She got another princess dress from Nana and Papa.  We had to take it back and get a small size in a different style.
Pops didn't want Chance to get jealous, she he got a few presents of his own.

She received a Radio Flyer wagon from Nana and Papa.  She loves the wagon.  We already took her to the Apple Festival in it.  It's a two seater, so it will come in handy for awhile. 

My little princess, and a Mama with a baby bump.
Opening and thanking Pops for a CD player of her very own.  She can wake up to music now.
Mops and Pops hung out with us for a few days after the party.  I love this shot of them with my beautiful Mother's Day flowers that Adam got me.

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