Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apple Picking is Fun

Adam and I have lived in Henderson County for eight years.  In the fall, we always visit the apple houses, but we've never taken the time to pick our own apples.  In fact, I'm 35 years old and I've never gone apple picking until this year.  I really want Kenly to grow up knowing where food comes from.  In the next few years, I want to visit active farms and have her pick all kinds of goodies.  She loved picking the apples from the trees, and she was amazingly efficient.  I think we filled a peck bag in about 15-20 minutes.  I think she only let me pick about four apples. 

She was very determined to pick the apples all by herself.  I love the determination on her face.

See.  I told you.  I did get to pick a few.
Kenly pulled one off with a stem and a leaf.  Adam and I loved it.  She paused long enough for a few pictures and then promptly snatched both off.  She didn't love it like we did.

I've decided that we will pick apples every year from now on.  Maybe we won't always pick at Granddad's, but we will pick every year.  We love Honey Crisp apples, and there is just something wonderful about picking them fresh from the tree.  They last longer.  The sweet/tangy crunch is more powerful.  I hope to take Kenly to a different orchard a bit later in the season to pick Pink Ladies....our second favorite local apple.  I hope my pregnant brain can retain the plan.  Perhaps I should write it down.

We finished the experience by sharing an Apple Cider Slushy while rocking on the porch of the apple house. 

Kenly loved the slushy.  We had to pry it away from her hand in order to get our share. 

Good to the last drop.
We went to feed the scary llama and goats.  This year we could not feed them by hand.  We had to send the food down a chute.  It wasn't quite as much fun, so we spent some time playing with all the fun photo props. 

After our apple picking experience, we went to Never Blue in downtown Hendersonville for some lunch.  We entertained Kenly by coloring on the paper table cloth.  I made some letters and had her connect the dots.  She did a wonderful job following instructions.  I love her first attempts at letters. 

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