Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cupcakes and Princesses

Once Adam went back to school, we started having more regular playdates with Ava.  I know Kenly was thrilled to see her friend again.  We had them over for a cupcake baking day.  Every year Kenly and I try to make cupcakes for Adam's department to celebrate the start of a new school year.  Baked goods tend to ease the pain of early mornings and days standing on your feet after a summer off.

The girls played dress up for a bit.   

They did a bit of dancing with Meghan.
And then it was time to get all serious and bake.
Look at my daughter sneaking batter that she knows is contraband because of the raw egg. 
She iced her own cupcake and then she wanted to eat it.  I iced the rest.  I think she had her priorities in order for right now.
Meghan and Ava did a bit of icing together, and then it was time for the girls to go play.
I love the icing hanging off her face in this picture. 
My friend Jaci came over to help out a bit too.  It was nice to have my friends around me again.  During the summer, it is so easy to lose touch.
Ava and Kenly both loved adding sprinkles to make the cupcakes look beautiful.

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