Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apple Festival 2011

We've been taking Kenly to the Hendersonville Apple Festival since 2009.  Each year she finds something new to love.  This year we experimented and went to the festival on Friday night to hopefully avoid huge crowds of people and excessive heat.  Success.  I think we will always go to the festival on Friday night now.  Not only was it cooler, but we could pull Kenly's wagon with ease.

Part of the appeal of the Apple Festival is the food.  Adam had a gyro and a yummy Greek salad that he shared with me.  Yum.  Kenly and I had hot dogs/corn dogs and some yummy fries.

After eating, we bought enough tickets for Kenly to ride five rides.  The spinning strawberries were her favorite.  She and Adam rode this ride three times.  She doesn't just want to sit either.  She spins that strawberry with all her might.

Every time they got off the ride, they would give me two thumbs up.  I got jealous of all the fun they were having.  My motion sickness won't let me ride anything that spins, so I had to watch from the sidelines.  I did want to try to ride, but I'm afraid the consequences would have been disastrous. 
Look at her spinning that strawberry.  The teenagers she rode with didn't have to take it easy at all.
Kenly spent her remaining tickets playing in the "fun house."  Instead of riding the pirate ship, she went through the maddening maze twice.  I love that Adam is coaching her through the bean bags.
I thought she would panic when she had to climb the rope, but she proved me wrong.  I think I have an adrenaline junkie on my hands.
The "fun house" ended with a trip down a twisty tube slide.
She's lining up to go again.  Tickets in her hot little hands.

After spending all her tickets, she found and rode the winged tractor contraption from the WNC Air Museum.  Last year they had to stop this ride and let Kenly off.  She screamed bloody murder.
She was completely in love with the experience this year.

We bought a 1/2 peck of our favorite Honey Crisp apples, some sliced apples with warm caramel, and an apple cider slushy and then spent the rest of the evening dancing to a local band.

I love the air guitar playing, especially when she sticks out her tongue.
Big Mama danced a bit too. 

Kenly even broke out some ballerina moves.
She ended the evening by slow dancing with her main man.  And life was good...

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Your favorite apples are the same as mine! It sounds like a fun festival! LAP