Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playing with Paint

When all the "Back to School" sales were taking the world by storm, Kenly and I found a deal that was too good to be true.  Michael's ran a deal on canvases that made my head spin.  If I were more crafty, I might have gone a bit crazy.  Instead, we bought one small canvas for $5.99 and got the other canvas for 1 penny.  One of my friends had her boys do abstract art on huge canvases for the living room.  They turned out beautifully.  Instead of letting Kenly go totally wild, I picked out a few acrylic colors that matched her big girl room.  I let her work with one color at a time to avoid two canvases covered in brown.

We started by putting hand prints on each canvas.  She got to pick which colors she wanted to use.  We did a right and a left hand on each canvas.
We let the canvas dry while watching an episode of Word World.  I put both canvases in front of a fan to speed up the drying process.  Kenly can't stand for a crafting project to be in limbo, so we needed to complete the project in an hour or so. Then I let Kenly add her creative touch using bushes.
Yes, I'm well aware that the right hand in green has 7 fingers.  Kenly has not mutated.  We tried to double stamp for a darker hand print and we failed to line things up exactly.  We like when a project has character in this house. 
She decided that adding dots to the canvas was by far her favorite thing to do.
I got brave toward the end of the painting and let her have more than one color on the pallet.  She used one brush for each color.  I was amazed.
Showing off her finished product.
I think they are beautiful.  I'm ashamed to admit that none of her wall art is hung.  I must put the finishing touches on her room before the baby arrives.  I can do it!  Yes, I can!

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