Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Third Birthday!

Dear Kenly,

Three years ago today, you changed my life forever. I never knew that being a Mama would split my heart wide open. I've never loved this deeply before. I've watched you grow from an infant into the beautiful girl that you are today. You amaze me in every way. You are beautiful inside and out. So many people talk about how pretty you are, but they have no idea how deep your beauty goes. Your intelligence blows me away every day. You're not just smart; you have an amazing drive to learn and to master every new skill. Just recently I watched as you practiced tracing your letters for nearly an hour. You're starting to sound out words. I love to watch the glint in your eye when you discover, on your own, that the word balloon starts with a B. Your brain in never off; those wheels are always turning. In addition to being brilliant, you are sensitive and kind. I often have to console you if you see another boy or girl crying. You don't like to see pain. When I had a nose bleed the other day, you cried until I held you an assured you that I was just fine. You notice those around you. I pray that you will always be sensitive to others. Life isn't always easy, and we need to help each other on this life journey. One of my favorite things to watch develop is the intense love you have for your daddy. He is your protector and your playmate. If you're going to try something new, Daddy has to be at your side. When Daddy started back to school this year, your heart broke. We had to visit him at school twice in order to ease you back into being with just Mommy during the day. Child, you are imaginative. You named my old Cabbage Patch doll without any help. Camry is always by your side. I love to hear your dialogue as you play with your critters. You've created a game called "Bump Bump" that you play every morning. Your stuffed caterpillar takes everyone on rides. During tea parties, you make the best cup of "tea adventure" that I've ever had, especially when you add sugar and lemon. You are strong willed and hard headed, and before you think those are bad traits, know that I'm glad that one day you will think for yourself. You want to dress yourself now. Most days I let you, even if you are a bit flashy and clashy. You are enamored with dresses that twirl. You have fierce opinions about your hair. Forget ponytails. You only want to wear headbands, and depending on the day, you want to poof like Nana. You don't think twice about shooting daggers at me or telling me, "if you don't listen to me, I'm going to put you in time out," when you don't get your way. You're learning to be patient and polite. More and more, you're stepping out and becoming independent. I love that confidence, but I'm still so glad that you need me close by. I love that I'm your comfort...your safe zone. Baby girl, you are my heart. I'm thrilled that you're getting a brother or sister, but I'm also a little heart sick that our days of just "me and you" are numbered. You will always be special. You made me a mother. I'm so thankful that God gave you to me and Daddy. You walk around with my heart, and you always will. I love you more than all the leaves that have ever fallen from the trees.



Benny Bunny
Camry the Cabbage Patch
Word World, Barney, and Veggie Tales
Putting stickers on your "new foods" chart (You don't like trying, but you love the reward.)
The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson
Playing the "I love you more" game
Wrestling/Tackling Daddy
Spooning/Snuggling (but only when you want it)
Reading books of any type
Dancing, Dancing, Dancing
Music--All types
Chutes and Ladders
Go Fish
Saying "You know what?" Chicken Butt (Your Daddy taught you this one.)

Kenly's Three Year Stats

Weight--27.2 pounds (25th percentile)
Height--36.5 inches (50th percentile)
Her overall BMI falls in the 10th percentile.

She impressed everyone at her doctor's appointment. She disliked having her blood pressure taken, but she never even whimpered. She had to take a vision test. She completed it and blew the nurse away. The nurse said that most 3 year olds can't complete the test. They don't have the knowledge or patience. Her vision is 20/30 in both eyes right now. Apparently this is perfectly normal.

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Anonymous said...

my comments are both awe and haha! you got a girl just like you!! I'm sure she has a lot of her daddy in her too. Happy Birthday Kenly! I miss being there to watch her grow but I love catching up with you both on the phone and this blog (oh and FB too)! I'm praying that she continues to grow and learn as God intended for her. ~Leigh Ann~