Saturday, July 30, 2011

Memorial Day--Ellijay with Mops and Pops

If I wasn't so far behind, I'm sure these last posts would be full of funny "kenlyisms" that I've long forgotten. So for now, I'm catching up. We went to Ellijay, Ga for Memorial Day weekend to spend some time with Mops and Pops. Kenly was over the moon when we arrived because Mops bought her a princess castle. We put the princess castle in our room, and she slept in it every night on a egg crate mattress covered in blankets. I think she'd trade in her big girl bed if she could sleep in the castle every night. She loves the cabin. While we were there, she spent most of her time fishing, creek hopping, and swimming in the pool. She also enjoyed an ice cream from Dairy Queen.

Kenly loves to fish. She kisses every fish before she throws it back.
She doesn't mind playing with the bait either. That gooey mess in her hands is a pile of night crawlers.
Adam hooks the fish for her, and then she reels them in all by herself.
Our pup is still handsome after all these years.
I could just kiss her face off in this picture. She's too adorable for words.
When she got tired of fishing, she retired to Pop's lap. During the trip she started calling Mops and Pops by new names. She calls them Mopsie and Popsie. She's also started calling my Daddy by Papa-man instead of just Papa.
Gearing up to give the fish a kiss.

Adam and I got married along Turnip Town Creek just below the cabin. Now we are bringing another generation of Brands to enjoy the creek too.

Kenly loved climbing the spiral staircase with close supervision.
Success. I can just hear her screaming, "Look at me. Look at me, Mops and Pops. I'm up here."

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