Saturday, July 30, 2011


Before the craziness of summer set in, we were still doing a bit of crafting around here. I'm trying to stand back and let Kenly's own creativity kick in. It's hard for me, but I'm learning. I've enjoyed watching her color this summer. She's being more deliberate about her color selection. Purple strawberries and green cats. I love it. I adored the phase of scribbling with wild abandon, but she's trying to color objects now instead of smearing the page with color. I've never told her she had to color in the lines. She's just watched and learned. It's a sobering fact. She's always watching and learning from me. Most of what she gets is good, but on occasion I'll see her roll her eyes and I know that I'm responsible. I hear my voice come out of her mouth, and I'm even more aware that I always want what she's learned from me to be good and wholesome.

Playing with glue and scissors to make a collage is one of her favorite crafts.

Paint with water books are great if you can find them. I've only found three since her birth, and I've been looking.

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