Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mountian Playlodge

A new indoor playground opened in our area. It's a little on the pricey side, but the entry fee is for the day instead of just a few hours. Kenly loves the Mountain Playlodge. She can wear me out chasing her from one structure to the other. We meet Meghan and Ava there in May. Jennifer and her boys Davis and Drew joined us as well. Kenly and I went to play there today because it was too hot for the pregnant lady to be running round the park. These pictures are from the May trip.

Kenly tried to climb these stairs and freaked out about halfway up. A staff member rescued her for me. She watched Ava and Davis have fun. She didn't want to be outdone, so...
..she gave it a try. Now she's addicted. The look on her face as she slides down is a fine mix of terror and excitement.

Ava enjoyed putting out a few fires.
Davis decided that being a fire chief is his calling.
He signed Kenly up for duty as well.
Kenly later decided that she's rather do her hair in the salon.
Or maybe play with the food wall in the market.
We enjoy making the most of our time at the playlodge.

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