Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spring Break--Working Our Tushes Off

When we came home from camping on Thursday, we went straight into work mode. Kenly needed/wanted to move into her big girl bed, so that meant moving furniture and cleaning. Some of the furniture had not been moved in about six years. Can I tell you how disgusted I was to see what accumulates under furniture that has not been moved in that long? I'm still grossed out. I've never claimed to be a great housekeeper, but this bordered on being a health hazard.

We painted two of Kenly's walls a shade of yellow called peach tickle. When you ask her what her favorite part of her big girl room is, she answers, "I like the painted walls." I don't have a finished product picture because it is still not finished. The door still needs a coat of paint, the pictures need to be hung, and Kenly's hand prints need to be added to the walls. Stay tuned.

During the painting process, Kenly would often wander into the room and whine, "I need attention." She sent Adam into a full-fledged panic over how Kenly will handle the new addition. We are still wondering how she will handle sharing the limelight.

The transition to the big girl bed was much easier than I thought it would be. I'm hoping it stays that way, but as she gets more comfortable, I can see her testing the boundaries.

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