Monday, March 14, 2011

Wee Naturalists

Kenly and I have been going to the Wee Naturalists program at the North Carolina Arboretum since last November. The program runs from 9:30-11:30. When we arrive at 9:30, we have time to explore the EcoLab. We've been able to feed the animals and explore the puppets and books. We find a spot to do some coloring themed around the day's topic. On this particular occasion the topic was seeds.

Meghan and Ava have been coming to the program with us since we stopped attending Toddler Fun. Kenly still mourns the fact that we don't go to Toddler Fun anymore.

Kenly's favorite part of the craft session is when she gets to cut. Craft normally follows a book and lesson on the day's topic.
After we finish the craft, we head outside to hike the many trails that run through the property. Mrs. Michelle give out binoculars so we can "spy" during our walk. Kenly often opts to carry rocks instead of binoculars.

On occasion Kenly and Ava will race up a hill.
Kenly is checking out some seeds in this shot.

The highlight of the day involves crawling through the hollowed out log on the property.
I begged Kenly to try this for weeks. Her Daddy came to one program and she didn't hesitate to show off for him. Now she can't wait to crawl through. In fact, she gets angry if we don't hike past the log.

Now that the weather is better, we have been taking a picnic lunch for after class. The flowers are beginning to bloom, and we can feel the hope of spring.

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