Monday, March 14, 2011

Ordinary Crafting

We haven't been too creative around here. I've wanted to decorate the house with crafts for St. Patrick's Day, but my creative juices are a little low these days. I'm sure we'll make a rainbow or cut out a few shamrocks to hang from the Valentine's Day Tree that is still up on the mantel. (Sad. I know.) Kenly has been taking the lead with the crafting these days.

Kenly is enjoying drawing balloons these days. She's actively drawing a balloon in this picture.
Here are some close pictures of her first identifiable art. She asked me to draw balloons in various colors, and then she added a bunch of her own. I love it.

Kenly's also been into making collages with construction paper scraps. She loves being "in charge" of the glue.


silly eagle books said...

The first identifiable art is so special!!! I love her balloons!

Elle Belles Bows said...

The balloons are adorable!

I just got E that finger paint set from Crayola. I hope she has fun with it too!