Monday, March 14, 2011

Playing at Ava's House

In late February, Adam took a Saturday to fish the private waters of the Davidson River. Kenly was still in the midst of "punishing" me for going to Washington, D.C without her, so we decided to spend part of the day distracting her from her mission by playing at Ava's house. Notice the outfit? Seen it before?

They spent part of the day playing with the sand table on the deck.
I love this picture. The toddler struggle is captured perfectly. One toy and two toddlers=conflict.

Then we moved on to the playground in the backyard. Kenly really enjoyed the seesaw swing.
Sweet Ava.

Once Kenly tired of playing on the swings, we moved on to the trampoline. We finally had to bribe her to go inside to play for a bit.
After our adventures outside, we moved inside to play with some of Ava's cool toys. The day ended with a lovely macaroni and cheese lunch. Thank you Meghan and Jamison for a lovely morning.

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