Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Interview 2010/2011

When I was looking back through the blog, I couldn't find last year's New Year's interview. I knew I had completed it, but I failed to blog about it. Luckily I wrote the questions and answers in one of my journal. So, before this year's interview, a blast from the past.

(completed January 26, 2010)
Favorite Food: Pizza and Fruit

Favorite Veggie: N/A (French Fries)

Favorite Toy: Benny Bunny

Favorite Game: hiding/tickle monster/dancing

Favorite Book: ABC's, Barnyard Dance, anything someone will read

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Animal: Benny Bunny, "bugs", Rocky (horse)

What is something you like about Mom? snuggles and coloring

What is something you like about Dad? playtime and BIG hugs

Tonight Adam and I sat down and drilled Kenly with questions. All the answers not in italics are straight from her mouth. Those in parenthesis are things we think she should have answered based on our observations.
(January 4, 2011)

Favorite Food: Peanut butter and jelly samaliches(sandwiches), cheese toast, and grilled cheese

Favorite Toy: my computer (It's the one GMA gave her two Christmases ago. She was playing with it at the time of the interview.)

Favorite Critter(Stuffed Animal): elephant (EVERYONE knows it is Benny Bunny, but Kenly thinks he's human.)

Favorite Video: Winnie the Pooh (and the Honey Tree--She actually sang this answer)

Favorite Bedtime Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider (The Wee Baby Moon)

Favorite Song: Silent Night

Favorite Game: Winnie the Pooh on the computer (singing honey pots ABC game)

Favorite Book: (Princess Baby, Bear Stays up for Christmas or any Bear book, Llama Llama books)--Again, the child loves books. I don't think she's met one she hasn't liked.

Favorite Christmas decoration: music box and the tree (She also said Alvin the Chipmunk, but he terrified her, so perhaps he was just memorable)

Favorite thing to do in the snow: make a snow angel

Favorite thing to do at the beach: play in the water, scoop water in cups

Best Friend: Ava--I like Ava. (Yoder)
Favorite Holiday: Happy Hallow Christmas!

Favorite Drink: apple juice (with lemonade as a close second)

Favorite Animal: Lion (We think the answer should be horse or dog.)

Favorite thing to do with Daddy: Daddy-daughter nights, play "roar" (forts, tackle daddy, tickle fights, hide-and-seek...)

Favorite thing do with Mommy: Mommy-daughter nights, take baths (Adam takes care of baths, so I guess she likes the rare Mommy given bath. Craft, color, read, and go shopping should be on the list.)

What scares you? Alvin. He picks me up in the sky. (Who knows what this means? This one singing Christmas ornament really freaks her out.)

Favorite thing about the library: reading books (story time and puzzles)

Favorite restaurant: The loud speaker one, Zaxby's (Chick-fil-A and Blue Sky)

Favorite Places to Shop: Walmart, Lowes, Target, Marble (Marshalls)

What makes you happy? Daddy does, I "fink" (think).

What makes you sad? Alvin does. (Perhaps one day she will need therapy for this trauma.)

What makes you cry? When Daddy and Mommy give me a spanking (or put her in time out)

How does Daddy make you laugh? tickles me/tackles me

Who is your favorite princess? Snoodlerella (Ariel--The Little Mermaid)

What do you want to do that Mommy and Daddy won't let you do? Push the Button (When Adam asked which one, she replied, "start." To translate--She wants to press the start button on the dishwasher anytime she pleases.)

Favorite color: I don't know. (It varies from week to week.)

Favorite TV show: Dora (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Many, radar on the Weather Channel)

Favorite thing to do with Chance: play "roar" and get him (play tuggie and give him treats)

Not bad for a two-year old. Last year we had to answer the questions for her. This year she answered on her own with very little prompting. Amazing. Truly amazing.

Happy New Year.

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Jennifer Kehoe Young said...

I love it!!
My favorite was definitely push the button hahaha.
She's so smart :)