Tuesday, January 18, 2011

December in January--Decorating for Christmas

Last year when we decorated for Christmas, we transformed the house during nap time. We wanted the shock factor. This year Kenly was a part of the decorating process. All in all, the decorating went well. I will say that hanging ornaments and unpacking breakable items is a bit challenging with a two year old "helping", but all the oohs and ahhs made the difficulty worthwhile.

Kenly helped Daddy find all the pieces to the Christmas tree.
We had fun unwrapping all the Christmas ornaments and finding a home for each and every one. Kenly was terrified of the singing Alvin ornament this year. He was her favorite last year. We think she was into a box she knew she wasn't supposed to be in during the unpacking process. We think she grabbed him, not expecting him to sing. When he did, he startled her thus the irrational fear.
We found that the lower left hand branches of the tree were heavily decorated this year. See Kenly's nemesis Alvin hanging just above my head?

Christmas magic transformed Kenly into a bouncing, singing bundle of energy. At first her enthusiasm was exhausting, but slowly it became contagious.

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