Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date Night--Fort Edition

I have one night off a week. I can spend my time all alone catching up on "me time" or I can go out with the girls. Leaving Kenly with Adam is always so easy because I know that Daddy-Daughter nights are one of a kind, fun-filled experiences.

Daddy-daughter nights are electric.
Daddy is the best fort builder in world. He can transform couch cushions and blankets into a castle.
Every critter in the kingdom comes to the party.
The fun continues until someone collapses from exhaustion. The collapse is normally brought on by a fit of the giggles.
My husband is a remarkable father.

1 comment:

The Darlings said...

Love the hair and that it was captured so well!!! The fort is awesome. Way to go, Adam!